Monday, April 27, 2015

Isang Bayan kay Pacman

Pacman Manny Pacquiao  the great fighter in the entire world.  He become a hero in every individual's life.  He is a role model of  the  world.. His life is a great testimony for every Filipinos.  He is a great influence in every individual.  Manny possess a good heart, he loves to help poor people and he loves God.  Kaya Pacman this is for you ISANG BAYAN PARA SAYO!! we pray for you Manny PAcman.

sweet temptation

Friday, April 24, 2015

A decisive victory in a battle.

Individual shows a different characteristic in making a decision. It says that if we have no battle in life we have no power to choose.   My question is,.. How the battle affects your life? How victorious you are?  How would you accept the situation if you lost in that battle?  Is there any solution to come if you become a losser?

A lot of question derived from my mind. I consider my life is far beyond I expect.  My path that I took yesterday is different path than today.  Yesterday I had a win and lost situation that makes me realized.  I need to stand of what I facing contrary with my imaginations.  Yet everything is simply possessing different situations that hang me up.

Considering the question HOW THE BATTLE AFFECTS YOUR LIFE?  Of course I might tell it,  Bravo!! Congrats!!  My battle in every journey that I have is a great opportunity to know the things that makes my life change.  I considered my financial status as a battle.  Every one of us of course needs money.  Money gives you freedom a freedom that sometimes we misuse it because money changes our status of living.  I got some lesson in terms of this matter, back in my past, I remember the time that I have nothing but only Five Pesos (P5.00) in my pocket.  I worried and scared that time, but then that moment,  I cried out and asked my God begging Him to provide, then He answered through other people, God used this person who gave me One Hundred Pesos that day.

Praying yes, that’s the only armour that in every fight I have.  My faith in Him that God is a true God who hears my prayer.   After then, I continued my journey believing God is with me all the time.  This is how my battle affects my life, trusting God and surrendering everything with Him is a right decision that I made.  In everything I have is from God sources.  He said at John 14:14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it."  Praise God!!.  My battle affected my relationship with God...I will tell you later ...

That's all for today...thank you dear for dropping by in A Maiden's Testimony.

sweet temptation

Welcome back "A Maiden's Testimony"

       Hello world!! Hello Blogosphere!!  Hello my virtual friends!!  This is how I welcome myself again in the blogosphere. 

           I miss writing although writing is not my passion.  This is also one reason why I stop to write because I am not good in constructing a right grammar.  But, I realize now if I take this reason I going to miss to learn more about English and keep in writing will continue to correct me and help me to learn more ideas in writing. Actually, I learn that writing our own anecdote shall help our heart to express our feelings and it might help us to learn a new strategy using our thought.  They say it will allow you think more and more.  What you think, you write, everything you write is your expression of your heart.

      Anyways, being hiatus for three years, I had missed a lot of opportunity to share my journey in life. But I believe that today is a great chance to share every details of my existence.  I believe it is not too late for me to share my journey which is full of hope in every hindrance she faces.  In every tear she has symbolize her being a woman.  Every pain she has makes her strong.  Every suffering she has there must be joy.  Every mistakes she has there is a lesson.  Being alone in her journey she is in God’s heart.  

Now it is my time to share my own story and I want to welcome you back in A Maiden’s Testimony.

sweet temptation