Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alone but...

Being alone keeps me to fight all things comes the road that I walk through. In every moment that I stumbled, I thought I was alone, because when I looked around, there was no one with me. no one who tried to get my hand, because I am alone.... As I continued to walk on the rough way, I did not notice that I was walking in a path which leads me to the life that I never expected. I continue my journey, I never noticed that there was lot of things comes and then gone. While walking alone, the direction that I taken that I know is a good one, in my direction is not all good, because this good direction also make me  stumble. My journey never stopped there. I had , those now in tried to find a fine road to walk in. Then, I tried to look around if somebody was there who ...One time, when I was in the center of the road, I observed that not all way was rough, I tried to go in that direction which I felt more comfortable. Then, I started to think positively, I bow my head and pray.  I know God never leave me alone, He leads me in His ways.

Thank you Lord.

sweet temptation