Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday #16: Completely by Michael Bolton

Another great song of Michael Bolton. "Completely" it's all about LOVE!! Hmmm... I need more Monday 'till I finish to share all MB music.

Ok folks, just enjoy the song and feel the meaning of the lyrics, I'm sure you will love it.

Completely, wanna give my love, completely
I'd rather be alone than be in love just half the way
I want to find someone that I can trust, completely
Wanna give my heart, completely
To someone who'll completely give their heart to only me
And when I find that one
That's when I'll fall in love

Not half but whole
With heart and soul
Completely, not in between
But everything
That's the way it's got to be
The way I want someone to fall in love with me

Forever, wanna feel the word, forever
And know there'll be somebody there forever by my side
And when that feeling comes
That's when I'll give my love


It's all or nothing at all for this heart of mine
And I won't give up this heart until the day I find
Someone who can be
Someone who loves me


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sweet temptation


LadyJava said....

Oh I love this song too!!
lol @ needing more Mondays..

Happy MM!

Jean Soo said....

hello star! I can't believe i havent hard this before! it's a lovely song from MB! Great pick! :)

Bill said....

Hi Star, love me some Michael B. He is great. Great choice and i hope you have a awesome week. Happy MM to you also. : )

BruNo said....

Another Michael Bolton. You're a big fan I suppose. :)
Have a great day and (belated) happy MM!

Lainy said....

Basta naga-sound trip gani ang blogger kay inlab daw, hehehe!

Star-chuu said....

@LadyJava: thanks for liking the song LJ. Yes, I need more Monday for MB songs.

Star-chuu said....

@Jean Soo:yes it's a lovely song Jean. Thank for your presence.

Star-chuu said....

@Bill: Hello Bill, thanks again for being. Have a nice week, too.

Star-chuu said....

@BruNo: Have a great day ahead too, yes, I am a big fan of MB.

Star-chuu said....

@Lainy: wahahahaha.....pag sure madam. In love man gyud ko pirme...hehehe

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