Sunday, September 18, 2011

A thankful heart of a Mother

My greatest responsibility was to take good care of my daughter and my son. I am not a perfect mom, but I am doing the best thing for them. I had given my time to hear their voice. Each of them has different behavior that challenge me.

My daughter lollii is a sweet seventeen-year old lady and she will turn eighteen this coming November. It tells me that I am not forever young, lol. She is a sweet, humble and thoughtful young lad.

While my son John Rey a.k.a. Ken-Ken, is now four years old. He is totally sweet, very emotional, loving and caring.

I am blessed to have these two angels in my life. My heart is full of joy upon looking at these two playing and sharing their time with me.

I am thankful that God had given me the opportunity to take good care of these two angels and He had let me share my love with them. What a joyful heart!!

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alice alfred said....

Dear friend ~ This is such a lovely tribute to your sweet children...and such a beautiful description of a mother's love! Thank you for visiting my blog. I took down my prayer request link because the Lord was convicting me...that I was doing it to "look good"...but I am still praying for you, in the secret chambers of my heart ~ and feel free to send me any additional prayer requests!! Also, I had your button on my blog, but it would say the site was suspended when it was clicked on....some type of computer gliche? In my heart and prayers, much love....your sister in Christ ~ alice

Star-chuu said....

@alice alfred: Hi Alice, thank you so much for your prayer. You are an angel to everyone. Because of your good heart giving your time for praying God's children. I visiting your blog all the time and I was inspired everytime I read your message. Thank you the love and prayer you shared.

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