Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome back.

This maiden became invisible for almost two months. She had a lot of reason why she didn't updated her home page. She missed to get in touch again with herself through her testimonies. She missed her virtual friends, too.

A lot of things to reveal in a maiden's life, but she need to keep it in her heart. She wants to share the new journey of her life and more lessons from the day that you never heard about her.

To start in her journey, this maiden welcome herself again for a new beginning of her new chosen life. Her new struggle but very challenging part of her new phase of life.

Anyways, she wants to share this beautiful song "This I Promise You" by Ronan Keating as the welcome song for her. Actually, she is still in love, that's why she wants to enjoy every meaning of the lyrics of this song and she wants to dedicate this beautiful song to her very special someone who still there who loves her.

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