Monday, August 8, 2011

Blowing His 4th Candle. "Happy Birthday John Rey!!"!!

Every time there was an occasion, like birthday, I always say, TIME RUNS TO FAST. Sometimes, I was surprised every moment that I looked my son. He is only 2 months old when I accepted my responsibility as his real mom and dad, like my own daughter who is going to 18 years this year.

But, I am talking here my son's 4th year birthday which is celebrating today August 8, 2011. I did not prepare any foods for his birthday, since my financial status this moment is not stable. I lost my job one month ago, so I have no salary to received. I was sick for almost one month and I am still spending too much money for the new small business that I started. Meaning, I have no plan to make a children party for him. "Poor Star" tsk.. tsk...

But, I did not stop praying from my God. Though I am busy, my heart keep asking God to provide anything for my son's birthday. Not only in that matter, the more important for me that He will grow up as a good person. My wishes for him is to have a good life, good health, he will grow up as a good Christian and to have fear with God.

Well, it was a busy day for me, I need to do all stuff to finished before leaving the office. I was tasked to met someone for very important matters at 4 in the afternoon somewhere on the mall. I did not expect that this person is one of the instrument from our Heavenly Father, because He knows that I have no penny to buy for my son's birthday cake, as I promised.

God made a way to meet this person because He knows that this person has a good heart in giving. When we met, I told her that I cant stay too long because I need to buy something for my son's birthday. But, she said, stay with me for an hour, just wait for me, I will be the one to buy the cake for your son. At first, I felt shy, but since she offered it, I accepted it, because this is blessings. Aside for her generosity, she bought some fruits and 25 sticks of barbeque and she gave me some cash. God is great!! He provides everything for my son. I am thankful for His greatness.

Upon reaching my mom's home, they just finished eating for dinner. My son said though he has no cake he still happy to have us, as his true family who love him. It's so touching when he talks to me and to my mom. He gives me a hug and kiss saying thank you. Because He knows how we loved and cared him.

Then after he kissed me, I let him to blow his cake and let him to eat his cake and some foods that I bring.

We are also surprised when my sister from Digos came just to be with us on his birthday. It's a family reunion anyway, though they only stayed for 3 hours we are happy and we enjoy talking and letting Johrey a.ka. Ken-ken to share his song and let him to read some of his lessons.

At last, we are all happy leaving from my mom's home. My sister and her common-law husband dropped me first in my new home before they leave for 3 hours travel back in their home town at Digos City.

Thank you so much for taking time reading A Maiden's Testimony.

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Joy Calipes-Felizardo said....

Happy B-day Johnrey! You can also check out my other blog,, tnx sis! I'll be following you now!

Star-chuu said....

Hi sis, thanks for the visit. I visited your other blog and followed it.

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