Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Thankfulness#4:Stranger's Knocked

It’s TT again and its time for me to thanks the lady who had given birth an angel. It was three (3) years ago; a lady named Eugene Echavez was a very special stranger who knocked in our door carried with her a very cute angel. I was surprised when she looked for me and she asked me if I’d willing to accept the one she carried. I did not felt hesitated, I accepted the baby heartily with my opened arms. When we talked, I'll ask her what she needs, and she replied that she had nothing but only a picture of his son.
John Rey when he is 2 months old.

This is the word that she leaves for me.

My son is your son and he is yours forever.

I answered her,

Thank you so much, but he is your son, and you are free to visit him anytime if you want. I am poor but I’ll try my best to raise him with my love, and work hard so I can support his needs until he finish his studies. If ever you became rich, don’t forget to find and look for your son, I am willing to give him back to you though it is difficult and hurtful for me, your son was an angel that someday he long to embrace his real parents.

John Rey's (a.k.a. Ken-ken) 3rd year Birthday (August 8, 2010)

Then I gave her only P50.00 for her fare back in her home, I know how difficult with her but she had no choice but to leave her son with me with her full trust. I was thankful for her because she listened in her heart to stopped and knocked in our door and she had trust to hand over the wonderful gift she carried.

I can't stop my heart to love my son. He is a real sweet and lovely.

For you Eugene, while I am writing this, I am in my deep emotion for thanking you. Your son is in a good hand and as I promised that the whole family and I share our love, patience, care and affection to John Rey. And please whenever you are, I was looking for you to remind you to visit him. I tried to teach him to become good and have respect with you. I always told him that if he will start his study, he would think his good future and find you in a perfect time and place. I always told him that you love him so much.

My two Angels in my life that I love most.

Thank you so much Eugene and I hope and pray that you had already a good and peaceful life. Your son is a precious angel who had given us the unexplainable joy and happiness in our heart. I really love him and he is truly a very special son of mine.

This is A Maiden’s Testimony.

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sweet temptation


thingy said....

Well that is an amazing story. What a beautiful gift.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said....

Your story reminded me so much of something similar that I had and am still going through.. Something of which I still have yet find the words to share and speak.. a deep pain to be exact..

I am thankful for your sharing about this story.. In an unknown way to you, you showed me there's hope and love, one which ceased from my sight for a long while..

Thanks Star, for sharing.. You have opened my heart somewhat.. *HUG*

Rcel said....

gahilak jud ko gabasa ani sis. you are such a star that keeps on shining to your kids. you are amazing!

star said....

@thingy: thank you thingy, yes a precious gift that I treasured.

star said....

@Krislin Neo: My dear ting, we can't explain the miracles of life. We can't even imagine why this things happened to you, to me and to everyone in different ways. We can't control the spell of our life, we can't control our fate. Everyone of us are victims at the same time an instruments to others life in different reason. All circumstances that we experience today and tomorrow is one of the reason why we found God. That, God loves us and whatever things happen, He is there to carry us. Now, in the situation of a young lady who gave his son with me..she had make a good decision, because if she is a bad mother, then she can throw or kill her son, no matter it is..but she never did it, instead, she decided to gave her son and leave it with me. In this situation, I put myself with her, what if???I am that lady??? that's why, I need to understand the feeling of a mother. Because, I am also a mother of my own daughter. My dear ting, this is for you. Whatever it is behind you..just pray God is always there with you,and learn to accept and to forgive, then move on. I am sure, God will gives you peace and joy in your heart. Hugs.

Star-chuu said....

@Rcel: thanks sis, nakahilak man gani ko habang nagasulat ko ani..huhu

Jingle said....

bless you and your baby.

anne said....

You are blessed to have him in your life.

RyHeAnNe said....

It's a very heart breaking and heart warming story, Ate Anne is right you are blessed to have him :)

Lainy said....

Happy Mother's Day. Mamasang. You're kids are lucky to have such a sweet and responsible mother like you. Ken- ken is very lucky her Mom knocked on your door.

Hugs and kisses!

Ree said....

What a sweet story, babies, and mama!
Blessings to you!
<3 Ree

ladyguinevere28 said....

wow.. teary eyes here while reading it. I am also in the same situation. However I am not looking forward that the father would come and visit our son.

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