Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Thankfulness#3: My angel Lollii

I want to say thank you to my daughter's creativeness and sweetness. She spent her vacation to my sister at Digos City last week. And before she back home she sent me the above notes. I love all the things she wrote above except the second of the last note. When she back home, we went to the church first, since it's Sunday, then we went to her favorite pizza restaurant. After we eat, were having a good time in the mall then we decided to spent one hour in the Music City.

After our bonding, she thanks me for having a great time with each other. We actually, save some time for bonding every month, but, since we are both busy we decided to find some another day.

We enjoyed our company, and we are more sweeter than before. I am so thankful because my daughter lollii is sweet. She is also loving, caring, thoughtful and God fearing. I am so blessed because God gave me an angel in my life. Above all, I want to thank God for being there with us in our heart who is our protector and provider. God is good all the time. He gives us a peaceful life which we are now enjoying.

This is A Maiden's Testimoy's Tuesday Thankfulness, thank you so much and enjoy reading.

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sweet temptation


thingy said....

Oh, so sweet and candid. Very lovely.

""rare*jonRez"" said....

Lolli pie is so sweet! Lucky mommy! :) Or should I say-- you deserve to have a sweet daughter like that Sis! :) Lucky kid! :)

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said....

What more can beat the love an angel in one's life give... You are a great mum hence the love extended and lives in your daughter.. A thankfulness of this sharing.. *HUG*

Celestial Dreamz said....

so sweet. I loved it. God bless you both :)

The Reason You Come said....

That's so sweet!

"After reading this she'll give me money." Hehe, clever kid!

Mel Cole said....

Aww, sweet daughter :)

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