Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Thankfulness#3: It's all about contest

I received the invitation from this smart and pretty lady who celebrating the 3rd year blogoversary of her blog. I described her as an intelligent, creative and talented persona. She is the lady who owns the crown of famous because of her thought and idea of writing. I appreciated and praised the creativeness of her writing and the truthfulness of every word is highly valued. Through her, the Maiden’s Testimony was borne.

She didn’t stopped to encourage me to be part in the blogosphere, which is now the reason why I didn’t stopped to learn and explore in my second world .

I didn’t know about blog and I am not interested about it. I have no talent in writing, that’s what I insisted every time she shared a positive things about blog. I said to myself, I have nothing to prove with myself because I considered me as a dump. But, she proved me that I was wrong. And even me, I can’t believe that I had a talent to write.

How I can forget my entry that had a fifth place in her 1st blogosversary 2 years ago, entitled “Blog To World, blog for you and Me” contest with 26 participants. I tell you, this was the challenging part of those who participated in that contest..hahahahha!!! I remember, I met a lot of virtual friends, just like, Windy, Zorlone, Twinks, Twerlyn, Recel, Shydub, Cacai, Allena, David Funk and Bill. And I remember my first commenter in that contest was Mariuca. Why the contest was very challenging? Because, every participants need to campaign and vote in your entry. Ha!ha!ha!..I swallowed my shyness, I campaigned and encouraged my readers why they vote for me. If you didn’t read my piece you can click it here…"Blog to the World, blog for you and me"

Anyways, the one that I am describing here is the one who celebrating her 3rd year blogoversary: Gravatar Contest, the one we called “Lainy” borne by the name “lainybelle” who owns the Lainy’s Musings, Our Journey to forever, Kuerdas and The Certfied Fashionable Chic this is for you dear friend and thank you so much for being my mentor. A maiden’s testimony will not be borne if I didn't listen to your encouragement. Thank you also for the great support and positive evaluation of my writings..hahahahah…though I write a lot of wrong grammar, you still there who appreciated it. Because of you, I have now a 2nd world, my virtual world!

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Lainy said....

chuuHuhuhu! I am misty eyed while at the same time smiling from ear to ear reading this article, Mamasang, LOL! Thanks so much for the heartwarming compliments.

I am glad that you now have the confidence to express yourself without any inhibitions. Blogging is not all about writing good English. Though it can help but we can never perfect our writings. All of us is a work in progress and I can always see the effort that you are doing to be in the blogosphere. Like I've always said in the past, simply blog your heart out. Blog to express and not to impress and you will get your readers hooked, LOL!

There are a lot of things that you can share that your readers will learn from. You are a strong woman and I so much admire your resilience.

Thanks for everything and lab yah always!

patcegan said....

Hi, nice to meet you. We all have a voice of truth and must speak our truth! Keep writing and sharing. Thanks for visiting me, too. Hugs, pat

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said....

Wow, what a story... Yes, you are right, it takes one, that special one to bring out and on what we thought there is nothing in us...

I so glad Lainy unleashed your gift and of course, giving me a chance to know you... a mentor, a friend, a sister, this sharing certainly expressed thanks to her.. Well-shared..

*HUG* (and keep writing)... :)

Chim's World of Literature said....

this was amazing to read, never under estimate yourself....i believe we all have the potential to be a writer, we sudnt write to be famous we sud write to let our heart spread the joys and emotions inside us...

hey i will follow your blog i have found some interesting writings i wanna read wud you return the favour & follow me..

thanks for visiting my blog..
oh by the way there are 3 blogs under this name so choose the My Poetry & writing that is my personal blog..

thingy said....

Terrific, Star-chuu. Very nice to meet you. : )

Star-chuu said....

@Lainy: you deserved some praises my dear friend. And I owe you because I have of lot of things I learned from blogosphere and I never stop learning. God bless and love yah!~

Star-chuu said....

@patcegan: Hello Pat, thanks for visiting me back and for some encouragement. It will increase my confidence. hugs..

Star-chuu said....

@Krislin Neo: Oh yah, and I am glad to that I met you here thing..your a very sweet and friendly, I always appreciate you more because of your presence you help me to know you more. hugs dearie..

Star-chuu said....

@Chims World of Literature:Thanks Chim for a great word..I keep it in my heart. Thanks for visiting me, too.

Star-chuu said....

@Thingy: Thanks for the visit and nice to meet you too.

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