Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nostalgia # 10: Where is your Home?

Where is your home? Some of us are fortunate to have called home. Some are blessed because they have a family who loved them and provided everything they need. Some are borne rich and all the luxuries are there.

But some are not. These children are unfortunate to have home. We called them an orphaned. This is a place of children who became the victim of irresponsible parents. Who was to blame? The children who never know everything about future? Or those parents who have a hardened heart that ignore their kids. How many parents, woman, lady and young parents who have misfortune and subjectively repeated.

Every one of us has a responsibility of our own life. If we grown up and become matured we had already know what is wrong and good for us and for our love ones. We have emotions that have a big part in every decision we have. We have a heart that feels every emotion we have every time we decide. We have brains that help us to fix on. Are you agreeing? Whatever, that are the way that I express my feelings about these things.

Luckily, I survived in my case when some unexpected event in my life happened. God helped me through. I love my daughter and she is my life and inspiration, I took her with all my care, love and affection. I am poor but I strives to give her a good life. To let her experience how happy to have a life despite the odds we’ve experience. We have no perfect life, but through a good heart we have, we can handle a beautiful, peaceful and joyful life we want to be. Life is beautiful if we know how to appreciate it.

Anyways, pictures below are some of our school activities when I was schooling. My groups choose to visit orphaned kids and we made some contributions to feeds them and invited a pastor to helped us entertained the kids.

We played with them and talked with them. After, some activities, we contributed some give away, such as: clothes, milk, soap, notebook, pencil, crayons and etc. Heartily, we are so much touched and cried because of their situation. But, I can still say that these orphaned kids are still lucky to have place to comfort them. Thanks for the staffs of Gemma’s Orphanage who gave us an opportunity to visit this kids who also touched our life.

The kids have freedom to be happy. In this picture, we let them to sing with us.
dance with us.

They love to listen our stories.

They love the foods we prepared.

They are happy to play with us.

And the whole group, are happy too, because our moments with the kids are the big part that we shared with them. We are too lucky because of this kids they touched our heart and they gave us more understanding about their life.

Thank you so much for your time reading A Maiden’s Testimony.


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sHeNgKaY said....

Late Visiting from Nostalgia mommy chuu! :) Have a nice day!
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chubskulit said....

We used to this kind of activities when I was still working.. Thanks for sharing sis.

Beware from CTRL +C said....

nice post...i read your post first time i am really impress...i share this with my friends on my website...thanks

anne said....

This only proves that the world is too unfair for this kids. Whenever I saw street children running back and forth just to sell Sampaguita, it really burdens my heart, and would always asked where are their mothers? Sigh Mine is here Mary Anne’s Musings Thanks

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