Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Thankfulness#2: Genuine Heart

My daughter's lappy is 2 months and 25 days old. I was so much thankful because of the goodness of this man's heart. He is from Johor Baru, a man who became a good friend. He was introduced to me by my friend Lainy.

From then, he did not stop helping me. Actually, he is the one who made lollii-pii's blog by paying the domain in his own webhost.

Aside from that, he offered about the educational insurance for john rey, being my son's godfather, or maybe i called him Fairy Father. I am so much touched of the kindness he shared with us when I and JT visited him last January to get the gift that I bought from him.

Now, it is time for me to thank this man because of his kindness and genuine heart. I also want to thank more because of his time he spent with us. The man that I am describing is the man who helped lainy in herblog contest.

Windy, thank you so much for everything and for the kindness that you had shared with us. All of it were highly appreciated. Thank you WInDY!! you're the man!!

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Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said....

What a kind man he is.. I have been reading about him and yeah, he seemed really a nice man... Wow, he is from JB? That's near to me... Just cross the causeway, and there it is causeway..

Thank you for sharing and yes, I am thankful that you have such a 'Fairy Father' in your life.. :) *HUG*

rikka said....

wow! you're lucky to have him...



Thanks for the visit!

Brenda Marie said....

He sounds like a great guy - a real gem in this world.

Lainy said....

What a beautiful tribute to such a great man. Windy indeed is a great find. He's one of a kind.

Iannounce ba na taga JB? LOL! Someone might get interested and kidnap him, hahahahaha!


Lainy said....

Mami, kindly correct my URL. It's redirected to the wrong link. Must be typo. Inlab? Hehe. KIndly add www. before http.

Tenk you!

lina said....

Wow! He's a fairy-godfather. ^^

Windy said....

Hindi, hindi, hindiiiiiiiiii! Ate Vilma,

How dare the lappy lie on the bed? That's my place.


Anyways, who needs and old man. LOL!

You broke the Code. You're NOT supposed to tell anybody all those things. Baddddd girl!

I will ask Jimmy to spank your bottom to remind you that the Code may be broken AFTER this old man is buried in a Muslim Cemetery. Hahahahahaha

Take care of your young children and teach them to be more naughty than me if they want to succeed in their life.

""rare*jonRez"" said....

Sis, I can tell that you are one blessed woman for having a friend like Windy! :)

Jingle said....

sweet post.
Glad to see you share part of your life with us.
bless you.

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