Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nostalgia#5: My Second Travel in Malaysia with Friends.

Since, I had been in Malaysia, I suggested my friends to have a vacation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I told them that I've been in Genting Highland and it was a nice and great place for pleasure. We had decided to booked a plane ticket together with our friends and I brought with me my daughter in our journey last June 19, 2010.

We had fun taking pictures while waiting our departure time at the Airport of General Santos City.

Star, lollii & Lainy

Ready to board!
Arrival in Manila

Posed in the camera

All are ready to board !!

Departure Area at NAIA 3

Ok, here we are now, taking picture with JT during our arrival in Malaysia

Waiting for the confirmation of our booked room.

Look!! its Windy the only man of 5 ladies...hehehe..
Windy is our virtual friend here in blogosphere. We are fortunate for his
precious time spending with us. He is very kind and caring person.

He is not only our tourist guide, he became our security guard...peace windy!!
Eating our complimentary breakfast at the hotel.

He is also our model

Ok, here we go... Windy is our photographer too...thanks Windy!!

Lollii bought a pair of shoes for me.

Taking picture with this cutie girl.
And this is the last day of our vacation.
Ended we had a great vacation in Malaysia with Windy and JT!!

Our vacation in this place is simply a great memories that we had. We enjoyed and cherished our moments and we are glad that during our journey we did not experience any misunderstanding. I and my dearest one have a great memoirs too. Although he is busy, he gave us time to drive by his car and entertained us by his all means.

I hope you have fun in our journey!! This is a A Maiden's Testimony.


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Lainy said....

Hay! Kakamiss! I hope to visit back there soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed! ;-)

Ms. Burrito said....

Hi Tita, tahnks for the visit and following, followed you back.

chubskulit said....

Wow ang saya naman ng bonding!

Star-chuu said....

@Lainy: Hahahah...I pray that you can visit back the place before you lounge your papers. It will be a great time to spend vacation with friends.

Star-chuu said....

@Ms. Burrito: Your welcome Ms. Burrito. Thank you for following me too. I promise to visit you more often.

Star-chuu said....

@Chubskulit:OO nga, grabe ang bonding namin. Kaya na enjoy namin ang bakasyon dahil nagkakasundo kami lahat.hehehe

anne said....

Looks like a lot of fun you got there, I love all the smiles. Hehehe.

Can you visit my other page too?

My Daily Mumbles

Life Ramblings said....

The smiles and happy faces of your friends said it all. glad you had a blast. thanks for visiting and following me.

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