Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pizza Treat

Lainy and I decided to redeemed the free pizza from Mamma Maria's Pezeria. We invited some of our friends in the office to join with us and share with them our free pizza. Well, its a great time to be with our friends. We enjoy each company and we end up for satisfaction. Except for lollii...peace!! hehehe..she wants more pizza...the PIZZA FREAK PRINCESS.

Of course, our moments is not complete without taking pictures.

2 slices for Kathelene

The Empty glasses

Where's the Pizza?

Yah..Empty Plates, is Pizza gone away??

Ok, there you are..Kathlene finished the whole pizza!!! hahahah..

Thanks for dropping bye in A Maiden's Testimony.

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sweet temptation


Lainy said....

Aguy! kalami jud sa pizza bah basta libre, hehehe. Kaso lang bitin, hehehe.

it's always nice to share it with ka-berkz diba te v? Hehehe! Mwah!

anne said....

I tasted their pizza and it was really good thanks for the visit and the drop! :

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