Saturday, February 5, 2011

It is good when someone listen

Yesterday, I shared something about acceptance while having a little chat with my client. She told me that she was scared of looking at her dead friends or love ones body in the cascade. Because she was scared to end up like the rest of us do-to naturally die.

I shared some of my devastating experiences on death, and how I overcome the pain of losing my love ones. I told her how much we suffered after my brother, father and my son left on this world to journey in a place of serenity. Through that experience we've learned that acceptance heals the pain.

After hearing those words, she thanks me and appreciated all the things that I said. It just like she was relieves from her worries.

I felt good enough when she left in the office saying that she will start to learn how to accept and welcome Jesus Christ in her heart. Ok, I am not a religious one who go to the church often times, but I believed Jesus Christ who is my savior in every day of my life. Without Him in my heart, I know I am nothing. I don’t know where my life goes.

God bless to all!!

Thank you so much for listening...this is A Maiden's Testimony.

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Lainybelle said....

Very inspiring. Apt article for a blessed Sunday.

Thanks for always being a blessing, Te V.



Amen! One reason God allows us to go through difficult trials in our life is so we can comfort other who are going through the same kind of you did :-)

God bless and have a great week :-)


Ellen said....

Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing. May God bless you and your precious bundle of joy.

P.S. I'm Filipina too. :-)

Star-chuu said....

@Lainybelle: Thanks Laine, you are also one of the blessing in my life. Thanks for being my dear friend. Love yah...

Star-chuu said....

@THE OLD GEEZER: Thanks for visiting and for the comment Ron. You are right, our trials in our life is one of the reason how to comfort someone. Have a peaceful and blessed day to you and to your love ones.

Star-chuu said....

@Ellen: Thank you Ellen and Have a blessed day to you. I am glad that I met another Filipina friend here in blogosphere...hope to see you again in my blog.

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