Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My daughter lollii made an agreement last Sunday night. She said she needs more encouragement to her studies. In order for her to strive more, she suggests to make an agreement for the final grades that she will attain. Written below are the following things we agreed::

  1. If she can get 3.0 grades she will serve (cook, laundry, clean the house all household stuff) me for one month.
  2. If she can get 2.75 grades she will serve me for 3 weeks.
  3. If she can get 2.5 grades she will serve me for 2 weeks.
  4. If she can get 2.00 grades she will treat me a Pizza.
  5. If she can get 1.75 grades I will treat her in Jollibee.
  6. IF she can get 1.50 grades I will treat her a dinner in Royal Hotel.
  7. If she can get 1.25 grades I will treat her to SM of Davao City.
  8. If she can get 1.00 grades I will treat her to Malaysia again.

The main purpose of the above agreement is to inspire and encourage her more in her studies to have a satisfactory grade. She wants to prove that she can do her dreams come true, if she strive more.

Ok, lollii, goodluck to you and May God bless you always anak. I love you so much and don’t forget to pray to God because in Him there is now impossible .

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Thank you so much for being here, this is A Maiden's Testimony.

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Lainy said....

Ok ah. If I am Lollii, I will strive to get a 1.00 so I can go back to KL, LOL! All expenses paid by the Mom, hahahaha!

Russ aka Grampy said....

Great idea. Very good for both of you.I wish her luck.Good luck with the 1.00

IMPACT with prayer said....

Awesome idea...hmm would that work for my teens, gonna give it a whirl! God Bless :o)

Pearl said....

fair enough! is that supposed to be her average grade for the sem? where is she studying and what course? go go go!:-)

star said....

@Lainy: hahaha....nag ingon gani sya nga imposible daw nga maka serve sya sa ako a..wise gyud nga bata.

Cacai M. said....

wow.. I hope nga makuha nya ang 1.0 para Malaysia again.. wow.. saya! Good luck to her! ;)

For sure kaya nya 'yan. :)

Star-chuu said....

@Russ aka Grampy: Thank you Grampy, She needs more time to study to get 1

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