Sunday, January 2, 2011

Memoir's in Malaysia - Great moments with Windy

When we planned our holiday in Malaysia, Lainy did her best to convinced Windy to meet us. We felt sad when he sent a negative reply that he can't come because of his final trial of his case. But, when we touchdown in the Airport, Lainy received some messages from him that he started to travel from his origin place to Genting where we go for a holiday just to meet us.

Reminisce' those moments how Windy made some trouble because of Vincent, OMG!!! I am too worried about him and baby Vincent, but before Vincent, Windy made a first joke with me, pretending he is jimmy on the line, I can't recognized his voice because of the blurred, what i heard is the named jimmy, gosh....remembering those moment, it made me laughed and smile. That's how Windy made a real joke is.

Anyways, our journey is one of the most exciting and enjoying part of our experience. I want to share with you some of our pictures of the first day of our travel.

Gensan Airport
Thanks, I convined lollii to bring my handbag for free, hehehe.

From NIA Airport - Terminal 3

Malaysia Airport

At last, we were here!!! What's -up Malaysia!!
"How I love to be here again in Malaysia with my dear Jimmy"

Confirming our rooms booked by my dear Jimmy for us.
Since, the room are fully booked, we offered windy to share a room with Lainy and Lollii.
"Wow, Windy, you have a lot of Filipina Girlfriend ah"
"Lolli with her Uncle Windy"

This is reality!! I met Windy in flesh!!

And maybe, i am the photographer here,'m still with Jimmy..hehhehe

"See Windy!! you have a lot of Filipina girlfriend"

Hmp...i know i am the one who took picture here.

Windy, we are glad that we met you in Malaysia. Thanks, for taking care of us while jimmy is not around. We have no regret for our 3 days vacation in KL..ouch!!

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Bill said....

Happy Birthday my dear friend. I wish you that will be blessed with many many more to come.

Star-chuu said....

@Bill: thank you Bill for remembering me. Thanks for the greetings and wishes.

MamaLira said....

wow, sabay diay mong lainy sa malaysia. happy belated birthday diay, sunod ra tag bday hehe akoa 22.

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