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The Awaited Time - BATCH PROPHECY 2009-2010

My daughter Lollii writes the BATCH PROPHECY 2009-2010. I want to share it with you guys the five (5) pages of her BATCH PROPHECY. Please visit her site too,

by Lollii-pii

I believe the creator and the ruler of the universe sent me a premonition. It happened on the day I set foot in an old existing antique shop situated in the suburbs. The place was filled with fascinating materials-things that were both forgotten and left alone by time.
I’ve seen much of those before- black and white televisions, walkie talkies, old paintings and shabby marionettes. However, a certain object engulfed my mind with curiosity. The silvery orb, which was somewhat hidden, contains ancient symbols that I cannot depict. Slowly, I touched its exterior and its frosty temperature made a contact with my warm body. I felt dizziness and nausea at the same time. Then, the ground began to shake intensely and the place seemed to faint away- like a dust being swept off.
I closed my eyes wishing that death would not come to get me. And it did came true, but now, I’m stranded in a place I scarcely knew- or so I thought..
The voices of the young and elderly people accompanied by a band almost tore my ears apart. They were all cheering for someone who they barely knew, but that gentleman seemed to be their only hope.
An electronic billboard attached in a sky vehicle showed a humble man’s face. He seemed quite familiar to me-perhaps someone I’ve met before. And yes, I was right.. It was Mr. Jaymee Jaranilla – the newly elected president of the Philippines and beside him standing was his ever-beloved and soon-to-be first lady Ms. Kara Gay Galang. Kara is also a businesswoman who proudly owns twenty-five hotel branches nationwide.
After spending almost an hour in watching and listening to all those political news, I decided to stroll around the city. I went inside an ostentatious company which was said to be owned by Mr. Carlo Cuevas. I roamed around the place like a child and I’ve seen people glaring at me so I discontinued my self-indulgent acts for a while. My reflection in the glassy walls of the place stunned me. I was not aware that I was wearing a business suit until now. Someone tapped me in the back and told me that a group of people was looking for me with regards to the billion-dollar business deal.
I went inside the conference room and sat on a black leather chair with my name carved in a wooden plate-printed in bold letters, it says: “Ms. Beverly Vyne Hautea -stockholder”. Beside me were Mr. Jerome Gatiera and Mr. Nathaniel Gepte – both are credited businessmen. The proprietors of other renowned companies were there too- Mr. Kim Oliver Napala, Mr. Mark Anthony Suyat, Mr. Christian Mark Abang and Mr. Jorlen Jickain- all of them are certified business tycoons. After the signing of contract, I politely excused myself to these gentlemen.
A few blocks away from the company, you can spot a well-designed mansion owned by Mr. Daumier Syki Poncardas. This house draws plenty of travelers thus; it serves as a tourist spot. I stopped there to greet him and his outlandish guests before driving away towards the bank.
The building was crowded as usual- but Mr. Ken Marion Abulon and Ms. Kriste Marie Arguelles faced them and all their inquiries with generosity. These two are certified public accountants together with Ms. Kassandra Indasan. The newly assigned bank manager, Ms. Nina Isabel Paulo and secretaries, Ms. Irish Darl Diaz and Claudine Pagal were having a private discussion. Ms. Aloja Jean Semilla was present there too; she was pretty occupied with her obligations as a regular employee of the said bank.
My growling tummy was the perfect reason for me to hit the northern part of the town and locate a fine restaurant. After fifteen minutes of driving and fifteen minutes of bearing the pain my stomach produces, I finally found a bistro which serves Italian dishes. Italian pasta seemed to be well-known to the costumers so I ordered one for myself. That’s when I learned the origin of the place. This tranquil restaurant was owned by Ms. Sophia Laraine Cailing, Ms. Cristy Jane Josol and Ms. Regine Lagundi- these young entrepreneurs are considered as the big three of the food industry. On my way out, I bumped into Mr. Joel Pereyra who’s now a notorious international chef and host of a cooking show together with Ms. Tracy Graze Flores- Philippines’ finest female cook.
I bid Joel farewell after a minute of chit-chat. Then, I decided to stroll on the park nearby. Something that was shown on the electronic billboard caught my attention. It was a woman wearing a ruby-colored dress- it was someone named Alma Jessa Somido- the hottest model in the world. Together with the recently crowned Ms. Universe and ECE graduate Ms. Hannah Mae Biyo and singer-actress Ms. Harlequeen dela Cruz; Ms. Alma Somido made a ground-breaking appearance on television through advertisements and major promotions. She also teamed up with admired Hollywood actresses like, Ms. Julie Ann Ejido, Ms. Vina Dolosa and Ms. Marie Cecille Maningo in a blockbuster movie entitled, “The greedy monster.”
A music video followed after the commercial and in an instant, the people temporarily stopped all that they were obliged to do and instead, paid attention to the acoustic band’s performance on tv. The band is composed of three personalities- there is Mr. Mark John Villaray, the lead guitarist, the drummer- Mr. Jose Cambarjan and the lead vocalist, Mr. Jeffrey Mar Jubelag. I can say they’re tremendously admired by the ladies.
I was not in the mood to drive my car yet so I was determined to walk on foot and explore the hidden elegance of this city. On the right side of the park, the well-known cake shop that was owned by entrepreneur and nurse, Ms. Erica May Tudayan, has just opened and its sweet fragrance that no one can resist captivated the hearts of many.
The left part of the park was the location for Ms. Sarah Gwyn Quiatchon’s dental clinic. She’s working together with accredited dentists like Ms. Angelica Jermia and Ms. Kimberly Khan in giving back the pleasure of smiling to the public.
One of my subjects informed me about the hospital that was owned by professional doctors like Dr. Rachel Mae Acedilla, Dr. Lhesley Marie Pesante and Dr. Michelle Chang that was located a few yards from where I am. He said that this was one of the biggest hospitals in the Philippines and it is nonetheless, sophisticated. World-class doctors work here just like Dr. Dianne Rose Santos – a former professor of Cambridge University and Dr. Hannah Joyce Cuarte. The hospitals nurses are extraordinary for they only get those that are considered to be the best. Mr. John Michael de Jesus and Mr. Elnathan Oracion- both graduated as Suma Cum Laude on their respective schools work here as a nurse alongside bar exam top notchers Ms. Auraleen Capacillo, Mr. jireh Lee Pedrena and Ms. Dianne Cecille Odango.
I felt my feet gave in to pain so I decided to take a sit on a nearby bench. I was yawning heavily when a huge poster went directly to my face which made me a little vexed. I glanced at it and saw the charismatic features of Ms. Marylyn Hoyla- a prominent singer and composer, who will be having her 22nd major solo concert in the Araneta Colliseum and up-coming promotions of her latest single in Hong Kong and Malaysia.
Now I remember, a motor cross event will be held today for the motorcross riders association and the main highlights of the said event would be the showdown between the well-known Mr. Ceet Jan Sambon and the skilled Mr. James Ian Mancao. International riders like Mr. Xyrnyn Rosales, Mr. Mark Ian Mendoza and Mr. Lloys Samson Caburog will also be present to honor the said event.
On my way towards the southern part of the town, I saw Mr. Nico Gabayeron- now a proud owner of a company which engages in car trading and in supplying automobile spare parts all over the globe. He’s working hand in hand with Ms. April Lyn Sulpot – an entrepreneur, who made a huge contribution to our economy and Ms. Llyover Miccah Castello, a prominent capitalist and multi-millionaire.
I paid a visit to my dearly loved emporium- a place for trendy outfits of various styles which were elegantly designed by a popular fashion designer, Ms. Tisha Marie Caballero. This also reminds me of Mr. John Marcius Lopez’s clothing line that had surpassed everyone’s standards.
I met Ms. Helen Joy Duguil and Ms. Sittie Raiya Paidumama inside the shop. They were purchasing casual wears for tomorrow’s big event. Both of them were going to a cruise together and they willingly invited me to come. These professional individuals are currently managing prominent hotels in Manila and Cebu alongside Ms. Rachel Louise Espejo and Ms. Leonora Lorelie Louise Ninte.
For the whole week, after my conversation with Ms. Duguil and Ms. Paidumama, I attended numerous seminars and trainings in accordance to my profession. Finally, serenity found a way into my life. Now, I’m blissfully sitting here in the lobby- free from any devastation. I parted ways with Helen and Sittie just a minute ago and I’m currently having an interesting conversation with one of the crews. He told me that the man who’s leading the ship was Mr. Nolito Bluza and he’s working with trained seamen like Mr. Adrian Anther Ramirez, Mr. Kenneth john Dalisay, Mr. Franco Noel Gacal jr. and Mr. Joden Berg Osorio.
The conversation ended so fast and that was the only time I noticed Ms. Shandy Mae Pagco- now an ambassador of goodwill in the United States of America and she’s traveling in various historical locations all over the globe. She was having a private discussion with Ms. Leah Ann Pilapil and Ms. Donisa marie de Tomas- both are proficient architects and multi-millionaires. Dr. Ma. Angelica Peligro, and I.T professional Ms. Methuselah Ponce were present there too, but they were too occupied with their business deal that I did not dare to disturb them. Instead, I went directly to the seat occupied by the three. A man wearing an army suit approached us just to say hi- it was Mr. Bonard Herceda, a major army official. Too bad he did not stay for long.
An hour passed and yet we were still conversing. What made us stop was news about the First Filipina Astronaut that would take off by the end of the month to discover a new place for the human kind and guess what; it’s none other than Ms. Kristine Grace Ciocon. We were sharing insights about the recent report when two men in tuxedos joined in our discussion. The famous game console developer, Mr. Irvin Guerrero and the man behind the well-known online games and entertainment gadgets, Mr. Monclair Digal contributed fascinating informations about the subject. They bid us goodbye afterwards. I excused myself, the moment I felt my body ache.
On my way out, I met Mr. Mark Jusua Cometa- a multi-billionaire together with Japan’s pop idol and Yamada’s fiancĂ©e Ms. Claire Ann Castillo and international model, Ms. Cherry Lyn Cabezas. I also spotted Ms. Keithleen Mae Flores sipping some hot choco from her mug on the balcony- she’s presently a proud owner of approximately twenty malls nationwide. Mr. Mohaymen Radie was busy talking to his friends about a business venture he’s planning when I saw him. I bumped into Ms. Jennifer Josol and Mr. Mark Theodore Guimary together with Mr. Jan Warrie Dela Cruz and Ms. Lyra Mae Inojales who were sitting in a coffee shop a few meters away from my room. They were proud proprietors of a huge pharmacy here in the Philippines with branches in and out of the country.
Time flies by so fast, we’ve now reached our destination- Japan, the Land of the rising sun.
I went on a tour and the first place we’ve visited was a theme park. They said that the place was owned by Mr. Harris John Rabadon and Mr. Vincent Edwin Bermundo- both of them were included in the top ten richest men in the world; together with Ms. Honey Rose Villarin, Mr. Conrado Mesagrande, Mr. Rino Cobarrubias and several big shots of the said nation. The said theme park was designed by credited engineers like Mr. Neil Christian Braga, Mr. Harold Bren Ceballo and James Yap’s look-alike, Mr. Jumel Robles.
I went to see the well-known Mathematician in the world- Mr. Jesthony Anasco. He was defending his title as the reigning international mathematics wizard and outshined everyone else. Thus, he was worth everything thing he has.
Harvard professor, Ms. Cristel Dawn Cagas was there too. She’s working hand in hand with Mr. Ijemmer Jones Ramos- the man behind significant discoveries that aided us in creating more efficient and less detrimental medicines.
I met Mr. Rhyl Kearney Pilipil on my way to Kyoto. He considers himself as a messenger of God- spreading his words and conveying his message to the people all over the globe. We shared our spiritual beliefs and ideas for some time then, parted ways. I took a ride towards the country’s airport. I’m going back to my beloved homeland.
Ms. Keziah keila Vallente was the captain pilot of the plane I’m boarding in. She’s an in demand aeronautical engineer who had already designed more than twenty airplanes. Ms. Katrina Lyn Feleo- the Philippines’ representative for the Women’s Association in Seoul, Korea was there. We shared our personal stories after six years of separation.
I’ve seen familiar faces inside the plane. There’s the real estate broker- Mr. Ralph Arthur Duqueza, the CNN hero of the yea awardee- Mr. Jan Ryan Dumagan and professional flight stewardess like Ms. Yvonne Jane Raloso and Ms. Noreen Pearl Acierda. Also, the plane’s nurse stewardess was Ms. Kimberly Legarda.
I knew it was the time to say goodbye to her, when the plane landed on the grounds of NAIA. I did not have time to call for my driver to fetch me, so I hastily called for a cab.
On my way towards my sweet home, I’ve noticed a commotion on the streets. I asked the driver to stop so I can see what’s happening. When I opened the cab door, the loud voices of the people ceased. Then, I heard a deafening bang- the sound of a bullet being released in a pistol. “CUT,” I heard someone say. That was the time I saw the protagonist’s face-it was Ms. Lei Marie Kate Millanar- a forensic scientist who’s now starring in the new episode of CSI: Philippines. I sighed heavily then smiled at my silly act.
I can’t help thinking about my act just awhile ago. I turned the tv on and saw the decent features of ABS-CBN news anchors Ms. Rosaleen Ramos and Ms. Monaby Faith Ciocon. Both are professional lawyers and news anchors.
In the corner of my eye, something silvery seemed to sparkle. I turned towards my right and saw a silver orb. I knew I’ve seen this before because this material appears recognizable. I place my fingers on the sphere delicately. Then, with a snap of a finger, everything changed-the setting, the mood and even my features. I can feel my body sweating perhaps, because of the hot weather. Slowly, I placed the silver sphere on the counter then silently went outside the antique shop.
I took out a pen and a piece of paper then I started writing. Hoping that what I’ve seen would come exist in reality with our right decisions and with God’s help.
I wish everyone a mirthful journey as we enter into another episode of our life and may this prophecy come true.

Thank you for your time reading A Maiden's Testimony.

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Recently, i received a letter through email from LAINY of LAINY's MUSINGS.
Dear Star,

It is with heartfelt gratitude and personal honor that this Letter of Commendation is presented to you.

On behalf of Windy, I would extend his sentiments likewise for what you have generously assisted him with Project Heavenly Home.

Below is the attached image of the Letter. You could display it at your Blog as an article or keep it as a memento of your gracious act of charity.

For your convenience, you could also copy and paste the image html script given below to display the Letter,

Thanks for this Letter of Commendation LAiny and Windy, your the BEST!!!

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Today is Windy's Birthday!! A man who is banned in Lainy's Musings site.

I'm sorry Windy, maybe you are banned because you forgot that this April 15 is your BIRTHDAY!!!

Wow, additional number in your age again. Don't worry, as lolii said, "you are getting younger."

to say


Wish you more birthday to come and a healthy life!! God bless you always!!

This is A Maiden's Testimony.

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The Awaited Time- Part I

Time flies too fast, we can't hold it back, but rather we need to face it and accept it. We need to enjoy for the opportunities given to us by GOD,the greatest gift, LIFE. Our existence in this frenzied world is not a game that we waste but a life that we need to drive in the path with His guidance.

Driving our life is not easy to handle. It is so hard to start if you don't know what kind of life we want. It is hard to choose a path if we wish more than for our life. It is hard to step forward, if we don't know where we going through, it is hard to walk in the left side if we are not sure of what things waiting for us there. It is hard to go the right side, if we have a lot of worries in our mind. But it is hard for us to stay in one place that we know someday it make us suffer.

I have a lot of ups and down in life, I admitted that once in my life, I lost my strength, my dreams and my goals. But, I thank God for having there to guide me the right path that brings me where I am now.

Maybe one of His reason why I need to be strong because of this innocent little angel of mine. I am much responsible to took good care of this little angel. She needs me to let her feel my love and affections.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
How can I protect her if she scared alone? She needs me around for her safety.
She needs someone while she is still learning to explore in this world.
In her journey, she needs someone to discover something that she don't understand.

Though, she suffered the uncertainty in life, she is still there ready to step upward to show the world that she is ready to face the world.
In her smile she reminds me that she is very much special. And she needs me to cover her with my love.
She gave me recognition of those time that I share with her.

The life shows us more complicated but we still there together for better or for worse.

What we remember from childhood we remember forever - permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen. ~Cynthia Ozick

That I appreciated too much because whatever circumstances that we had, I never heard any regret from her.

There is no perfect life.
Believe it or not, she survived from anxiety from situation she is facing everyday in her life.
Life that we never give up, because we become more stronger.
The number of time is not changing, but everything change her gradually, she learned much of her self.

I appreciate this kind of recognition she shared for me.

She is my precious one that helps me to perform my responsibility as her mom and dad.
A best friend she need most in her side.

Now, she knows more about life. She knows how to appreciate around her.

AT this time, she is ready to accept responsibility.

I know, because she learn more from her childhood and junior life. Now, she starting of her journey to fulfill her awaited goals in life. I pray that God will guide her way and teach her to learn from whatever mistake she takes, to accept from the failures she experience. And may God helps her to become more mature spiritually.

This is the most awaited time that I ever had to my daughter Lolli-pii. As a mother, I only wish and pray for her great future.

Thank you so much for your time reading "A Maiden's Testimony"

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