Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome STAR

The chronicle of daily events of my life started when I become a blogger. I choose not to belong in this kind of community as I know how pitiful my ideas. I have no skills in writing even using a correct usage of grammar. I considered myself a dumb one and I concluded that my brain can’t reach the mind of a bright and smart people around this globe.

I remember when my co-worker Lainy of Lainy’s Musings talks about blogging. Every time she talks about blogs and blogger's friend, I am there to listened. For curiosity, I tried to open her blogs and read her interesting articles, until I decided to asked her help. Then A MAIDEN'S TESTIMONY was born. Gradually, I met her virtual friends and become close with them.

Well, It is not easy to be a writer of your own life, especially when I decided to be part in a contest featured by Lainy and I was been judged of this article "BLOG TO THE WORLD; BLOG FOR YOU AND ME", ha!ha!ha!...I remember I need to campaign my anecdote to the world!!! Honestly, I really enjoyed this moment, especially when the contest results was published and I was in top 5. Aahhhhhhhhhh, i remember, I started to welcome friends and chatted with them. I've been close to Windy (Windmill on the Hill) and Uncle Che, LAiny's Friends, I am be thankful because they become my friend same to my other virtual friends .

I learned a lot from them and I have a responsibility to take care of those friends who are dear to me. To Windy who published a new article for me through LAiny's Site, entitled "The modern PArable of a Widow's Mite".

With this article I am proud to accept the Golden Award from Windy of Windmill o the Hill.

Well, I become invisible on this site for almost five months, I welcome again myself for accepting this GOLDEN HEART AWARD from you Windy. And I would like to say THANK YOU for the articles you wrote for me.

Before I forgot, I also want to say "thank you " for TWINK's who made this forever lay-out of my blog, sis, we miss you and please stay sweet and pretty. To all my friends here, hope to see you again with your comments.

This is A Maiden's Testimony.

sweet temptation