Friday, October 2, 2009


This is the most anticipated moment that I linger for a long time. I am one of the most loving fans of AIR SUPPLY and I can’t even imagine that one day I can see them personally and touch their hand on a flesh.

Back in the year 1987, I with my family gathered together every Sunday just to watch the Air Supply Concert in Hawaii through Betamax. That’s the day that I got in love to Air Supply, and imagining while watching them singing on the TV. I trance one day, I be able to watch their live concert.

Wow!! This is a wonderful night with Air Supply!!

Now, just only one snap, I am in front of the AIR SUPPLY LIVE CONCERT!!! OMG!! I can’t believed it, I though this is only a dream. But it’s not!!! Because when I am able to raise my hand to catch the attention of Russel Hitchcock and Graham while singing. Guess what?? I tried to stand in front of the lower stage to get some chance to hold or shake their hands. And I am right!! Russel and Graham, thank you so much for holding my hand for a second, Thank you because you did hold it and this is the most wonderful moments that I treasured a lot, I never forget this wonderful night. I feel dying and in love again to no one…hahahahah!!!.

Likewise, I spoiled my night with Air Supply and when one of the bands throws the white towel to us. I strongly pulled it from those who are trying to get it…at last!! Hahahah…I have it. I seize this chance since this is simply once in my life.

Thanks, to my vitamins, I have a power to pulled the towel.
A las!!I have a souvenir from the band!!
And I planned to print the entire picture in this towel..what do you think guys?

Ohhhh…wait, I just want to thanks my daughter who won the third prize from the Air Supply What Song are You contest? Organized by Mr. Bariles. Those who want to read her entry, just click her site she received 1 ticket for free and her name is in the guest list and she offered it to my mom, together with us is our adopted son Kenken. My daughter wasn’t able to watch the concert since she has an examination scheduled for the next day. I also gave my extra ticket (General Admission) to my friend Aem, my EC dropper.


Thanks, to sis Cidy who took the picture with Air Supply background..hehehe!!

Only Lainy's mom had given a chance to hugged Russel, sad because no one who take the picture when she hugs him...hehehe...better luck next time mommy!!

What a sweet and lovely smile from Lainy, Lainy's Mom, and Cidy

Another lovely and sweet smile from us!!! PEACE!!!

another shot from lovely ladies: Lainy, Lainy's mom and Cidy

I and Kuya Lito

How do their songs relevant to our love story?

I do love all their songs, it’s too lovely and though I am not quite good in singing I duet on their song every time I heard in the radio or in the tv. They are the reason why “I become a trying hard copycat” hehehehe…. I am too much in love with their song, my cellular phone ring tone is one of their song.

Their melody speak too much directly to your heart. The significance of the libretto is a true confession of our special sequence of our love story. Their piece of music has an exceptional love star but sometimes it tells us that we are not all propitious to the world of love. Their song confirm that love gave us excitement whatever risk that we take from it. Their songs presented us the chance to enjoy the essence of love although this is not perfect. Their song made us in love and letting us to connect to someone we love and we lost.

Guys, visit the Air Supply Site updates!!

Thank you and more power to all!! this is A MAIDEN's TESTIMONY.

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Secondary Roads said....

That was a super night. What good fortune you had. Oh, and I too love Air Supply.

Veronica Lee said....

That was so beautiful!! I love, love the pics. Thanks for sharing!!

Scotty's Princess said....

Ikaw na gid Ate Vi! Dili man ang Air Supply akong idol, ikaw man! Wahehehehehe!

""rare*jonRez"" said....

Wow, you sure had a wonderful night! I enjoyed the pics sis, feels like nakaapil pud ko sa inyong enjoyment! :D

Dorothy L said....

I am soooo jealous. I love Air Supply. Thank you so much for sharing your great time with us.

Brochure Printing said....

Oh, I've heard about this gig. Air Supply were so nice, because according to news, half of the sales of the sold tickets will be donated to the people who were affected by the flood. God bless them! :)
And the photo with Air Supply on the background is a good shot!

texas_sweetie said....

very kewlllll. i love them too. walay kanta nila nga dili ko kasabay ug humming when it plays on the air.

bingkee said....

It seems you had so much fun-----enjoy jud ka kaayo. I first heard Air Supply in the early 80's.

Bill said....

i hope you had fun my friend and say hello to Lainy because she has stop blogging and i can not communicate with her now.

Cidy said....

congratulations sis ikaw gyud nakakuha sa towel =) hehe! It was a very memorable night to all of us =)

Call Center Worker said....

Ka swerte nyo naman dyan. Palihug ko sulti dire naman sa Cebu.

Ang atong exchange link paral kay na a double // pwede patangal ang usa. ty

Windy said....

Hi Star,

Just wanted to thank you for your good wishes and email.

There's something wrong with your email address. I replied but it bounced back with a notification that your address does not exist. LOL!

Anyways, I have to keep off blogging for quite a while till my eyes recover. My eyes are still not good yet - I fear that I have really hurt my eyes badly this time with all the very long hours at my computer each day. Hope everything will turn out well for my eyes.

God Bless you!

Jane said....

You go girl!

Maria said....

I love their songs! Looks like everyone had a great time, :)

Btw, I got you tagged. You can find it at Life's sweets and spices. Hope you'd find time to pass it on. :)

Have a great week ahead.

Bachelor of Dance Education Course said....

Air supply- A great band! Who else in this world knows nothing about them?

Freight Agent said....

It's a band we shouldn't miss to catch. Air Supply deserves everything in life.

Cheap Thomas Sabo Charms said....

Most of the songs they originally wrote are very inspiring. Not to mention their "Making Love out of Nothing At all"

Horse Deworming said....

What a nice experience to witness and see the band Air supply to perform live. For sure, you had so much fun at that time. Hope to watch their concert soon.

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