Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday's What it's all about (you gotta know) #1


What would be your reaction if you’re caught in a situation where you can’t teleport automatically in a place unknown to mankind? Do you possess the word called patience? Do you often times’ like what you hear? Do you like to offer advices to spread tranquility to the blazing situation? Are you CERTIFIED SHOCK ABSORBER?

Well, all I can say is that I am grateful that I was born to possess patience and I am a listener who understands people aside from having good qualities. Anyways, the rest of the post would not tackle about me but instead, to those individuals who made me their shock absorber.

We’ll talk about the situation in our Office.

It is so hard let people understand that not all the employees or employers of the COMELEC are corrupt. I am also one of those who criticized COMELEC before when I was not yet an employee. But, when I started to volunteer in this type of job, I found out that working in this office is not quite easy. Why did I say so?

A brief summary of our daily agendas:

Everyday we have a volume of client claiming for the following, to wit:

  1. Voter’s Identification Card
  2. Voter’s Certification
  3. Registration Form (for New Registrant, Change Status and Transfer)

The Comelec Manila sends 30% Voter’s ID intended for General Santos. We issue Voter’s Certification daily for the registered voters and they paid P75.00, as instructed by our boss (Bottom Line) that those who claim for Hospitalization are for free. Since, we have on-going satellite registration in 26 Barangays, the office didn’t issue a Registration Form instead we adviced the applicants to wait for the schedule slated in their Barangay.

My experience goes like this.

There is no day that those who claim their Voter’s Identification Card and Voter’s Certification would stop attacking us through shouting using delirious words, because they don’t highly discard our explanations. They kept insisting that the service of the COMELEC is erroneous.. BLAH…BLAH…BLAH….It goes like this:

"Why is it that I have no Voter’s ID ? I vote every election!! I need my ID now!!!"

Ohhh….we explained again the reason. But what we got is a shout..

“THAT’s BULLSHIT!!” then he went out MURMURING and BUMPED the DOOR!!

My deerie what a world!!! Another one..

A woman was looking at our officemate, since he was in the field; we entertained and asked what she needed. She asked a Voter’s Certification, when we printed the said Certification we told her to pay P75.00 only. She looked again at our officemate who knew her and she was asking it for free, too bad because she was asking around people who were also waiting for their Voter’s Certification, then there’s a long confrontation between our EA Lainy and that woman. Until the issue was moved to our Election Officer (Bottom Line)..and this was what our boss adviced: “If you don’t want to pay, I will be the one to pay for you Madam” but please, if you’re asking something just say it moderately….” Well, the woman said sorry and she asked to stay for awhile on the sofa to make herself calm…ohhhh..when I looked at her face, I thought she can’t find a good air tobreathe because of SHAME.


This is the worse part that I experienced, one of the client confronted because of the wrong entry of his wife’s middle name, he kept explaining but he insisted that we erroneously typed her middle name. We decided to search her name in the Voters Book and we found out that her wife misspelled her middle name when she wrote it. But he didn’t listen, so what I did was I stand between them while arguing.. That man, wanted to punch our casual, good thing that he listened to us and I talked to him politely and adviced him that he needs to calm down, though I am already afraid that time.

A WOMAN BUFFALO who triggered me.. This woman is a teacher, she asked me that she want to register her son now, she want it now!!! Because her son needed some documents from our office!!!! Gosh, I explained to her that we are serving the other barangay and that she needs to wait for their schedule in their barangay. She said, why is it that you have no registration here in your office? If you have a Barangay Sattelite Registration then you also have here in the office so all the applicant can register any time they in our school..we put some Computer here and there to serve our students…Again, I explained and adviced her to talk to our boss, but she can’t wait..she kept on talking. What I did was, to keep my eyes open and my ears closed

Those are only a glimpse of what I experienced in our office; there are still a lot of bad experienced from those people who don’t want to understand. Too sad because some are professionals and educated.

Anyways, my friend Lainy of Lainy’s Musings, ranted, raved and whined which made me shiver from fear looking at her beautiful face? She looked like she encountered something that made her vexed. She talked and talked for the whole day.

This was the scenario:

The Budget Office called to inform that they need one representative to come immediately in their office to defend the budget. Since, Lainy was not around, as she was with other South Cotabato EAs to visit our former EA who suffered BREAST CANCER, the budget office asked me to text her to come immediately to their office, as per instruction, I informed her that she is badly needed in that office. She canceled the visit and went to the budget office, when she came back, she said “Ate Vi, they let me wait for almost 3 hours and then asked me to go back tomorrow at 9am” They made me pissed…they don’t know that I still have a lot of things to do here! They are wasting my time!! They didn’t send us a communication for that schedule and they called us for a meeting without prior notice…asking for immediate attendance and for the last hour they can’t serve us." Ohhh…hehehehhe…..

Again yesterday, the BAC called again asking for Lainy’s presence to defend the negotiated procurement between the two supplier involved. Then when she came back again..”Two strikes in a row,” that would surely delineate what she said ..”they called me and let me wait again for 2 hours…,” she added and the rest of the rants followed. Hehehehe…well, what should I say..she is still beautiful and she looks gorgeous even if she was in the midst of killing somebody because of her anger. That is why I kept on smiling while she was fuming.

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sweet temptation


""rare*jonRez"" said....

The problem sis is definitely not with the COMELEC employees. It is with how the government run the entire system. Dili lang sa sa COMELEC, apil na pud sa ubang agencies. Tanan nga common tao naa jud mareklamo sa mga services nga gakakuha from the government agencies. Haaay palakad sa pinas oi, makabuang! lol Akong Yaya naa diha sa CDO karon for their 1-month-vacation. Naa gi-process mga importante kaayo nga mga butang. Wa pay semana, nagsige na reklamo sa mga tao nga iyang ka-deal. I'm sure inig uli naku puhon ako na pud ani magsige reklamo. I'm sure your work sa COMELEC is a very tiring one. Isa ko sauna sige bagotbot sa ka-lousy sa COMELEC services nga ako nadawat back when I first registered. Hehehe...

Star-chuu said....

sis, naingon na gyud nimo ang tanan..pero usahay baskin ano nimo kaau ka entertained dili gyud nato maiwasan ang mga tao nga mag sige yawyaw tungod sa dili nga maayong dignidad sa comelec..mao na ang ma apektuhan kami nga wala sa posisyon. Kami ang naga atubang sa kasaba. Pag-uli nimo sis, kung dire ka sa gensan, pangitaa ra mi, kay sigurado ma entertained gyud ka namo..heheheheh...

shydub said....

Sus mao jud ng mga probs maencounter kung nag serve ta sa public oi, abi ky publis servant ang tawag ang uban ga abusar sd intawn. Mura ug kinsa maka demand. Maayo ka vivs ky naa dako pasensya ana nila. sus ako sauna, panahon gani sa election, ky its a must mn jd if you are a teacher to serve, nya ang uban arte kaayo da, makig away intawn ko no. Daghan naku naaway lge nga mga parents sa skwelahan ako gimaestrahan ky mga likramador hehehe. nya mo banghang mn sd ko ky kung mag minaayo ta, dili maminaw, da magminaldita aron dili ka duol hehehe. Anyway, you did a good job sa imu work start to listen to them, keep your cool. i don't know if im in your position, dugay ra na gibanghagan nku lol

dihan said....

nice blog

Windy said....


Oh! there should not be this problem at all.

I was made to understand that COMELEC is going to modernise and automate the entire works. That being the case, why are there these hasles?

So even before the actual day of voting, lo and behold! there are problems that are showing cracks in the "wall".

And why so?

Regardless of whose fault it is, it only goes to prove one simple thing. Even if it is claimed that there has been efforts to educated the general public, I still believe that it has not be thoroughly thought out, planned out and there has been insufficient information given to the general public.

I can imagine what it is going to be like on the actual day of voting.

Welcome to modernisation and automation!

Thanks for joining Wednesday's What.

Dhemz said....

hello tStar, agi pod ko dire kadali sa imong mansion..salamat sa visit....and for leaving a comment....:) hope to be here more often....have a great weekend....:)

Brochure Printing said....

Aww... we feel bad for you. Some people just don't know how to treat others nice. They always want to have their way, even if they have to annoy and scream at other people. Just hang in there, and keep smiling! :)

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