Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday SAved-The Best for Last #10


It was such a shocking virtual encounter when I opened my daughter's blog and I found out that it was totally gone. Like it was some balloon that had just flown far away from anyone's sight. I panicked because the hacker might find some confidential information and might use it against us. The good thing is, there's Uncle Windy who helped us recover her blog,the day after it was hacked, and fortunately, nothing seemed to be lost. Lollii just need to renew her blog and she wants to extend her gratitude to those who had helped her.

Thanks for SATURDAY SAVED-The BEST for LAst.

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Windy said....

Hi Star,

blogspot is not really hacker-proof. The problem with blogspot Blogs is that it uses an email address to log into the blogspot dashboard. In there lies the security weakness.

I will make this offer to Lollii. If she wants something different from blogspot, she can use my webhost to park her Blog.

But one thing though, I do not want to transfer her domain to my webhost. It is really a big hassle to transfer her domain ( it was registered through blogspot.

I will register a new domain for her but she has to give me three domain names to select from (just in case any one of them has already been registered by someone else).

Wordpress is a better deal than blogspot theme.
She will use Wordpress if she accepts my offer. Do not renew her present domain account if she accepts my offer.


Star-chuu said....

My daughter said that she'll accept the offer. Also, she'd be happy to talk more about this with you.

Windy said....


Okay, I am all ears. I will listen to what Lollii needs to talk about.


David Funk said....

Star, I'm sorry to hear what happened, and I do wish that circumstances would have been better to post something else for Saturday Saved.

Fortunately, I'm glad our friend Windy was there to help out.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope it all works out for your daughter.

Dhemz said....

laag pod ko dire te...::)am here too...have trouble leaving a message on the shoutbox...thanks for coming by....:)

My Life's Perception and Inspiration

Star-chuu said....

Hi Windy, lollii sent you a message through email. Hope you receive it. Thank you so much for you're help Windy.

Star-chuu said....

@David Funk
Hi David, I am glad that Windy extended his help for my daughter. She is very happy because she wished to have a new site from wordpress.

Star-chuu said....

Hi Dhemz, thanks for the visit ha, visit you back to read you're Life's Perception and Inspiration. God bless.

Badet said....

That's sad to hear about your daughter's blog. But reading from the comments, a new Wordpress blog must be in the works.

""rare*jonRez"" said....

oh gosh saon nalang ning akong blogs if ma-hack! i hope not.

Bob said....

I hope everything works out for you.

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