Sunday, July 5, 2009

Killing itself.

It's a beautiful Saturday!!! this is the only day in which we can wear a nice outfit inside our office. Yes, Saturday is an extension day of our working days, and this is a NO PAY DAY!!!. Since, election is approaching we are busy preparing for the upcoming May 2010 Presidential and Local Elections, here in the Philippines.

Mmmmmm...this is not my topic anyway, my concern is about my sexy outfit which almost killed me due to lots of shame. After our busiest day from the office, we already decided to go home early. While I and my friends were walking in the aisle, my 50 steps made me stopped. My face blushed with shame because of this terrible thing that I experienced, I continue my steps but I really felt that something happened from my feet, Grrrrrrrrr... my step-in kills itself.... a reason why I stopped walking and sit down in the empty parking lot of City Hall premises while my co-officemate and friends left me alone.

Luckily, my daughter is around that time, and she ran fast to buy a pair of slipper for replacement of my dead step-in. Alas!! after 25 minutes of waiting, she came back with the new pair of step-in. Thanks to my rescuer, if she is not around..maybe, I will go back home without wearing anything for my feet. I'm glad I wasn't partying when it happened.

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sweet temptation


""rare*jonRez"" said....

hahaha! that was funny sis! so sorry for you! pero di man baya to nimo sala, sala to sa step in kay nganong wa na sya ni-survive, bisan gipaabot lang tana ka niya sa balay. sala pud to sa naghimo sa step-in kay wa niya gipa-lig-on. hahaha! maygani kay wa ka sa party ba? and more than anything else, kudos to the rescuer! ;-)

Lulu said....

accidents though happen... i experienced something like that when I was working in Manila... well, pretend lang ako that nothing is wrong.... lol

Cacai M. said....

heheh.. sweet Lollii is the rescuer. Thanks to Lollii Te Star.. Anyway, I experience this also before when I was still in college during dawn mass and I hurriedly home with my one shoes--that was so shameful to me, and I was just glad that only my housemates knew(they tease me-huhuhuh, that was more shameful for me than yours Te Star.. anyway, incident and circumstance happen without our knowing so at least I learn my lesson that time. So then, regards to your intelligent and diligent daughter--the rescuer Te Star.. tc always.. muahhh!

Halo Indonesia said....


UPrinting said....

Oh, that's very unfortunate. But thank God for your daughter huh? And thank God you're not hurt in any way. :)

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