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The ABS-CBN launched the "BOTO MO, IPATROL MO" "AKO ANG SIMULA", with the coordination of COMELEC General Santos City, together with their partners STI-School of General Santos (my Almamater) and Globe Telecom. "AKO ANG SIMULA", an influential word for every Filipino who want changes. CHANGES begin with us. If you have concern to our beloved country, then start now. Be watchful, be alert and be fair with ourselves. Filipinos!!! YOU start now, don't wait for your tomorrow because you don't know your FUTURE in the hand of another WRONG leaders.

Thanks to the YOUTH who had participated and volunteered their time in campaigning the said
"AKO ANG SIMULA" "BOTO MO, IPATROL MO". More than 1000 youth volunteer who had registered in ABS-CBN and there are 511 voter's applicant registered in the COMELEC.

Anyways, here are some pictures of the groups:

Ces Drillon (ABS-CBS, famous reporter) and our Boss, the author of Bottom Lines
for more updates, you can visit Bottom Lines and read his interesting topics.

Karen, Ate Pam, Ces Drillon, Sir Joe, Lainy and Star

Star and Ces Drillon

LADIES!!! Tayo ang Simula

and the whole staff of COMELEC, General Santos City

Thanks for the visit and enjoy reading!!

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""rare*jonRez"" said....

wow! pang-abs-cbn man kaayo inyong byuti sis! kaso kapuso man ko oi! hahaha. joke!

have a beautiful weekend sis!

Scotty's Princess said....

Pareho ta Sis! Kapuso kaayo kong dako, hahahaha!

Ka-cute sa mga pics! Di nako maklaro kung unsa ta kaguapa! Hahahahaha!

Star-chuu said....

Sis, Kapuso man o Kapamilya importante kami ang bida...hehehehe...mao lagi ning gadali..kay na post nako wala pa nahuman..hahahha.....

Star-chuu said....

@Scotty's Princess
Lyn...don't worry kita gyapon mga gwapa dira sa pictures...hehehe..kaya lang na wow mali ko..napost nako was nahuman...kani laging connection ba wala klaro...connection o ang computer nako nga pulpul..grrrr.

David Funk said....

Wow! That's some great stuff right there. This is indeed the best for last, and for such a worthy event, too!:)

Bill said....

I agree with David Star very good post and very worthy of saving it for last because it is the best. Have a great weekend my friend.

Windy said....


At the first photo, that celebrity is winking her left eye, isn't she?

Oh CHANGE! a misnomer in Philippine politics (as well as in other countries). Change without direction and consistency is just as good as the present governance throughout the land.

Voters kick out one devil and democratically exCHANGE for a worser devil. Nothing changes.

Thanks for explaining what COMELEC does at your Saturday Saved.

God Bless you always,

Louise | Brochure Printing said....

Seems like election time is closing in already. Do you already know who to vote for?
I wish you'll really vote for someone who can bring change. :) Good luck!

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