Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Top Ten Droppers

I would like to thanks my loyal droppers for making their best time in clicking my widget. I really appreciate it. So, guys thanks again for dropping your EC here nonstop.

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Life's sweet and spices -30

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Trip!

The most unforgettable memoir I have in my life was when the whole family got together for a pleasurable trip. This is one of our good ways to have a better, and not bitter, relationship with my whole family .

Since my sister and her boyfriend visited us and stayed at our house for two days, they planned to visit Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat. This is the second time that they had visited the place and I wasn’t able to join them during the first visitation, as, I am obliged to report to our office to finish some significant documents. So, I decided to cancel the first trip which upsets me, because I just stayed at home alone.

Well, the whole family decided to visit again the place since my mom and our adopted son were presently there for a vacation. It consumed two hours of our travel from General Santos City to Tacurong City to Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat.

At last, our trip made us safe and sound in this place.

For 33 years, the old house,and not to mention it's monstrous ambiance, was still visible and unfortunately it still is good for keeping tenants. My last experience in that house was when my late grandfather was buried in the same place- or maybe, just maybe, inside the very core of the building. Since I was too young back then, I didn't mind those people who were crawling and laying down on the earth till the earthquake stopped- as what I've remembered, it was M 7.9. A huge question mark was perhaps circling my mind at that time.. When I was fifteen, my mother explained the what happened during that disastrous phenomenon.

I want to share with you some of our pictures with my lovely family.

After we finished our dinner, we visited our cousins (mom's brother's son) in Villamor, and they offered us "BALOT" an egg of a duck. They incubate the eggs for 16 to 21 days then they boiled the eggs till it was cooked. The whole family likes the "BALOT" Yummy!!!!

Do you want to taste it?'s too delicious and yummy!!

See!! we are concentrating eating the Balot...

There are only four balots left..And see the four ladies, it seems that they could smell their mouth after eating the balot, they ran just to brush their teeth...with smiles.....

Before leaving in the morning we took some pictures with our relatives' children.

Me and my 52 years old uncle Martin.Then, we dropped by for awhile to my mother to pick some fruits from the tree of Santol.

taking pictures with the carabao...

Then, the family decided to took the kids to Del Rio located at Koronadal City, we stayed there from 9:00 in the morning till 3:00 in the afternoon.

In this place we continued the family enjoyment.

The wooden bridge Model!

Lollii,my daughter, and her cousin-ching-ching.

The four cute fairies. (From left to right: Ching2x, Kwin2x, Vyne2x(LOllii), Vym2x)
The whole family at the floating Island.(lol)
Row.Row.Row your boat. ♪♪
Don't I look too fat??
Where are we going Captain??
Father and daughter crossing the wild waters. (Well, the waters aren't that wild. Oh well.)
Make it faster!!
Blue man, blue girl. Blue fishes!!!

Beautiful fishes, eh? Pretty girls.

Well, I don't know the next family trip, hoping that it would still be the best family trip ever. Happy reading!!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


MAY is an unfavorable month for me. Unfortunately, I encountered some unexpected things from the first week of the month onwards.

First, I have a bad net connection for one (1) week and I wasn't be able to open my pc;

Second, I suffered a hard cough which made me sicked for almost a month;

Third, although I am suffering from sickness, I still joined the trip with the whole family to my mother's hometown;

Fourth, my night class made me tired and stress;

And lastly, I am now suffering stiff neck...huhuhuhu...I really miss blogging, reading and commenting.

Anyways, I want to extend my thanks to my regular droppers for their kindness and for their unselfish time for clicking my widget for a LOVE EC DROPPING. I want to acknowledge the effort of those who left some comments and messages in my shout box: Please visit the following bloggers shown below:

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