Sunday, February 1, 2009


Thank you so much for my Top Ten Droppers who visited my page, I owe you tons. I know its hard to make 300 drops per day but still, you didn't miss dropping EC on my page.God Bless You!!

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sweet temptation


joel said....

You're welcome. I have you in my bookmarks. I hope I make it to your list next month.

Star-chuu said....

hi joel..thank you so much for saving me in your bookmarks..just add your links in my list and follow your blog too..hope you could add me too. God bless!

Mariuca said....

Hi Star! Congrats to all ur top droppers, I see Chica made it to the list MEOW! :):):)

quantumindonesia said....

hi Star,
thanks for the linky love :-)

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