Monday, February 9, 2009

Php 350.oo for BEV.

As a student, do you believe that Php350.00 is enough for you to spend as one week allowance? How much did you spent everyday in your foods during break time? How much did you spent for your fare from home to school vice versa? How much did you spent for your school projects? How much???? a questioned that I can't answer because of this amount supported by my daughter's father in her everyday allowance, deffinitely, he sent a message to my daughter when she asked for an additional allowance for school fees, but he answered back, "ask to your mom because I can't bear anymore all the expenses we made here with my family, you have 4 sisters and 1 brother that I need to support", sigh' ..pity on him..

I already decided to make an action against him, but finally I can't do it because my daughter begging me again. A mother's heart, so, I need my patience about this matter.

Anyway, it's money matter, I can also find ways for Bev's need, I know God is there to supply all our needs. I don't want to bruise the heart of my daughter, I understand her feelings and what she wants is to have a peace in life.

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shydub said....

It's totally not enough for a students in a week. Especially now a days everything are increasing. Sometimes people take advantages with nice people, wish more patience.

Star-chuu said....

more than six years of patience, yes..I be thankful because God opened my heart and put a long patience inside it. I and my daughter can still eat 3 times aday..and I can work for her needs, the important for me is her feelings which cause here sometimes depressions. Thanks for visiting my page. Happy Valentine shydub!!
with love,

Mariuca said....

"Stars are like friends; there's always some around, you just need to find your favourite one."

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wishing on a Falling Star

joel said....

My daughter's allowance is P1200/week and that does not include her projects. As for her Dad, He should have thought a thousand times before having so many kids. It's not your daughter's fault if she has so many school expenses.

Sorry to say and I hope you don't take it against me, but that guy has no right being a father.

shydub said....

Hi star, thanks for the comments. HVD to you and your girl.

I had my blog makeover by momgen coz i don't know either about the code i just learned few from other bloggers too. Try visit this sites, she's the one who makeover my blog and she knows a lot about coding.

And I also learn few from this blogger thru his post about tips for new Blogger. check his blog
maybe theres somethig in there that would help yours. I'd be happy to share it with you what i know. feel free to ask star.have a nice day

Star-chuu said....

Stars is like us given light to those who need light in their life, your the best star that I met Mariuca, like a star in the sky, a star trying to fall down from the sky to meet us who are in the ground.
Happy Heart Day and God bless you and your love ones.


Star-chuu said....

@ Joel
I appreciate you joel, thank you because your not like my x-hubby who are irresponsible to his part as a father, I can't dictate his life because that's his choice to have more children with different woman and supporting them too. Unfair for my daughter, because he only gave an small amount for her, although we have already an agreement, he didnt do his part. And I agree with you, He has no right to be a father of those children especially a father of my daughter...but, i have no choice because His been part of my life and been the father of my daughter, I still taught my daughter to respect his father and to love him, because I wish a normal life for my daughter.

Thanks for the comment and Happy Valentine to you and to your family.


Star-chuu said....

Hello shydub, thanks for the information, I will check the site, I will give my time to check that site, I'm sure i can get more things and some idea from that sites you gave. Happy Valentines to you and God Speed.


j said....

Happy Valentine's to you and your daughter. My wife has a group who's quite close. I hope you live somewhere in Manila. Maybe you can join them in their EBs. Expect an invitation from her soon.

liza said....

Hi! You are blessed with a kind and very understanding daughter. Hang in there, just pray and everything will be alright.

Star-chuu said....

@Joel... Thanks for the greetings, I live far from Manila..I appreciate any invitation from a new friends, God bless and Best regards to your wife.

Star-chuu said....

Thank you liza, yes, I am proud to have a very kind daughter, she is lovable and sweet. She is my life and I love her so much. Were both praying with each other, and God answered most all our prayers. God bless you Liza and your love ones.

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