Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An exceptional role to play.

The frenzied world frequently weakens the role of the “MOTHER”. A mother can feel their lives by nurturing their children are less splendid, less divine, less important than others, but truthfully, the most exceptional, crucial, prevailing, life-Impacting role conceivable is being a mother.

I am one of a kind loving mother to my one and only daughter dreaming and hoping for her best future is one of the greatest prayers that I asked from God above. Mothers love and long for their children. My hearts ache for her, over her. A mother’s heart-enlarged by all and endures with and through her child’s life, all she rays and works and hopes for on her child’s behalf bleeds too.

When I found my daughter's (pls. click here for the entire story) crying, and she talks to me about the event happened in their school premises, just today. It’s another heartache that I felt. But, I tried all my best to make her calm and I proffer my hands for hug and kiss. And then, we proceed to the church to attend the prayer meeting.

A mother long to defend their children from the soreness and violence of this world and though we can do much, we cannot do all. When our children suffer or make bad choices..a mother’s hearts bleed and ache.

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UPrinting said....

No matter how much a mother hates seeing her kids hurt, they can't stop bad incidents from happening to her child. The important thing is to be there for your daughter and make her stronger.
We hope she's feeling better now. :)

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