Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Only One..

Every one of us dreamed to have someone to love and be love in return, love has a different meaning for each of us; defend if how it affects our life. Love is a complicated issue that we need to take care, Love is the most thing that could affect our whole being, our heart and our mind, our body and our soul.

Our heart and our mind work together, what the heart feel, the mind work, it will weaken our body and soul, if we are in-love, this is the most affected part of my life, especially if I am in-love to someone. Why? Because love is the greatest part in our lives that could change everything on us, can change our future plan, can set aside important things and accept what love will bring on us, although we are afraid for the outcome, we need to go on, because we can’t tell our heart…STOP…but instead, every heartbeat of our heart remind us, that we need to open our heart for a new and challenging part of our life…TO LOVE and BE LOVE…

But, how we can work these feelings if there is some conflict of this kind of situation? The situation that brings me some difficulties how to handle it, sometimes, it gives me positive and negative intuition,
….. if we love someone whatever the hindrance we encounter, we need his understanding, we need his patience, we need to help each other in order to fight whatever involved of this situation will express. In every situation there is a reason, a reason to fear, doubt, confuse but this things are the entrance of our choices, that someday in return, no feelings of regret, because you try your best to make the situation better.

If he is the will of God for you, whatever circumstances will bring of this kind of relationship God is there to help and remind that everything will be fine He will guide our heart to a right person to love, in a right place and in a right time. He will not forsake the desire of our heart.

I believe that God has a reason for everything, He knows what the best for us, the only thing that I pray that, God will guide my heart, and someday, somehow, He will fulfill these feelings that I felt to the person he reserved for me. A very especial person that I need to take care, I hope and pray that in everything would prosper us, and lead us in a right path for a right time.

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