Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How my 2008 affected my life..

Our past is the method to visage the existence of our present, as a respondent to the life that the frenzied world offered, I delighted to become more open in every aspects brought to me by my experience in different circumstances.

Although, I experience some unfortunate things that could destroyed my self-esteem and my self-confidence because of those people around me, I can still deal with them in a optimistic manner, I became friendly with them and showed them good things so that they can realized their mistakes.

I need to be responsive in every aspects of my life of which how this unusual sort of places and choices brought about in my life from my past to my present;

My work place… sometimes it was normal around this place to experience some arguments that could create trouble between you and your co-workers. It was normal too, that some of your co-officemate have an antipathy feeling with you, maybe, because of their insecurities that sometimes you could felt helpless because you thought you’re alone and no one would understand you. And it is normal too, that you committed mistakes from your work, as you believe that from our mistakes we learned.

My Family…they are my foundation, they indulge their love and affection with me, through this they helped me to value things around me, they are my helping hand every time I failed. Because of them, I need to fight things that can makes me desperate so that I can also return those love and affection they shared with me. My family is my happiness.

My Friends…. Because of them I learned to know myself, although sometimes they don’t want to listened to you, they still extends their hand for a helped. Their heart and hands are ready every time I am in distress.

My so called MAN but it’s not…I spent too much time chatted with him everyday for almost a year, it says “were doing simply closed for nothing”, a reason why I ended it up the chatting portion with him that caused me a guilty feeling (only that time “thanks to uncle Che who advised me and make me understand the real thing), but the reason behind is, I need to know what is best for me and I wanted him to start his life looking for someone fated for him, therefore, It is hard to invest love in this kind of world. LOVE from someone which is one that I long for in my whole life, but in this part I am unfortunate to find someone special for me, I know God have best plan for me, as He really knows the desire of my heart.

My daughter and my adopted son….my daughter (kawaii life) is my inspiration in my life, she is the reason why I am still alive in this world, she’s the one who decorated my life, she is sweet and loving daughter, thoughtful and talented, she is in the process of spiritual maturity, and she deserve for my love and affection, because of her, I forgot my own happiness which is I know she needs me more than my happiness. My adopted son, yes, he is now the angel of the family…he shares laughter with us, He is two months old when his sixteen years old mother gave to me and now he is already one year old and five months.

My GOD…He is my Almighty father, my best friend; by His graces we saved. Only our God can offer us a perfect LOVE. He takes care of me, He comforts me through the Holy Spirit and He guide my way, In every prayer, He answered, He is my rock and my refuge, He is my helper and my strength, without Him, I am nothing. I trust everything to GOD.

The whole year of 2008 challenge my life. Through this, it helps me to build a strong foundation of my being, whatever ghastly things and good things they embarked with me, it is a sort of salt in my life. It is hard to value things around without experiencing these different circumstances, so,while walking in the midst of the bridge, hoping in that middle of bridge, I could still reach the end of it and begins my new life.

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