Sunday, November 22, 2009


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To all my virtual friends. I would like to say thank you for the visits, for the Hi and Hello's and for leaving your message in my shoutbox. I'm so sorry if you haven't find new in my site.

Reasons why I haven't yet updated my blog:

1. We are busy from work, we need to report from Monday to Saturday, and no Holidays for us.
2. I need to use my spare time for sleeping, washing clothes, cleaning the house and spending time with my family.
3. I need to take good care of my health.
4. Unstable net connection.

Friends, I also want to inform you that my expired last October, 2009 and I have no plan to renew it. To my friends who still want me to be in their bloglist you can change my URL to and leave me a message in my comment. Please be inform that I have a 0 pagerank. I will try my best to visit you back and update my blog soon.

I miss you guys!! and God bless you all!!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Lainy's Birthday

Today is LAiny's birthday!! Lainy of Lainy's Musings celebrated her birthday today, October 29, 2009. Don't ask me how old she is now, because I will answer you what she wrote on the white board in the office.."25 forever", hehehe, believe me, that's her true and correct age.
Anyways, Lainy and I is working in the same office and she is my friend, too. Lainy is my mentor a reason why I belong in this community, she is the one who encourage me to use my brain, definitely she reminds me that I can still use my stained brain...heheheh.

To you Lainy, I know that your happy now to the fullest, because you have your family, friends, work and forever prince.

This picture taken last year when she is 25 years old and she is still remained sweet and lovely 25.

I would like to say thank you in advance, for the free lunch and dinner today..I mean lunch only..but if you want to continue till next day, then we are much happier than you..hehehehe.

I love you lyn, your the most kind person and you know how emotional I am if I seen you sick. The only one that I wish and pray is your health. Please, take good care of your health because I know how your friends miss you here in blogosphere.

Once again Lainy, Happy Happy Birthday, I know mabubusog mo kami!!!Cheers!!! Thank you it's your birthday, a reason why I updated my blog!!

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Friday, October 2, 2009


This is the most anticipated moment that I linger for a long time. I am one of the most loving fans of AIR SUPPLY and I can’t even imagine that one day I can see them personally and touch their hand on a flesh.

Back in the year 1987, I with my family gathered together every Sunday just to watch the Air Supply Concert in Hawaii through Betamax. That’s the day that I got in love to Air Supply, and imagining while watching them singing on the TV. I trance one day, I be able to watch their live concert.

Wow!! This is a wonderful night with Air Supply!!

Now, just only one snap, I am in front of the AIR SUPPLY LIVE CONCERT!!! OMG!! I can’t believed it, I though this is only a dream. But it’s not!!! Because when I am able to raise my hand to catch the attention of Russel Hitchcock and Graham while singing. Guess what?? I tried to stand in front of the lower stage to get some chance to hold or shake their hands. And I am right!! Russel and Graham, thank you so much for holding my hand for a second, Thank you because you did hold it and this is the most wonderful moments that I treasured a lot, I never forget this wonderful night. I feel dying and in love again to no one…hahahahah!!!.

Likewise, I spoiled my night with Air Supply and when one of the bands throws the white towel to us. I strongly pulled it from those who are trying to get it…at last!! Hahahah…I have it. I seize this chance since this is simply once in my life.

Thanks, to my vitamins, I have a power to pulled the towel.
A las!!I have a souvenir from the band!!
And I planned to print the entire picture in this towel..what do you think guys?

Ohhhh…wait, I just want to thanks my daughter who won the third prize from the Air Supply What Song are You contest? Organized by Mr. Bariles. Those who want to read her entry, just click her site she received 1 ticket for free and her name is in the guest list and she offered it to my mom, together with us is our adopted son Kenken. My daughter wasn’t able to watch the concert since she has an examination scheduled for the next day. I also gave my extra ticket (General Admission) to my friend Aem, my EC dropper.


Thanks, to sis Cidy who took the picture with Air Supply background..hehehe!!

Only Lainy's mom had given a chance to hugged Russel, sad because no one who take the picture when she hugs him...hehehe...better luck next time mommy!!

What a sweet and lovely smile from Lainy, Lainy's Mom, and Cidy

Another lovely and sweet smile from us!!! PEACE!!!

another shot from lovely ladies: Lainy, Lainy's mom and Cidy

I and Kuya Lito

How do their songs relevant to our love story?

I do love all their songs, it’s too lovely and though I am not quite good in singing I duet on their song every time I heard in the radio or in the tv. They are the reason why “I become a trying hard copycat” hehehehe…. I am too much in love with their song, my cellular phone ring tone is one of their song.

Their melody speak too much directly to your heart. The significance of the libretto is a true confession of our special sequence of our love story. Their piece of music has an exceptional love star but sometimes it tells us that we are not all propitious to the world of love. Their song confirm that love gave us excitement whatever risk that we take from it. Their songs presented us the chance to enjoy the essence of love although this is not perfect. Their song made us in love and letting us to connect to someone we love and we lost.

Guys, visit the Air Supply Site updates!!

Thank you and more power to all!! this is A MAIDEN's TESTIMONY.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009


There's nothing greater in the world than when somebody on the team does something good, and everybody gathers around to pat him on the back.

=Billy Martin=

Thank you so much my dear friends for your time and effort by clicking my ECwidget. God bless you all!!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Air Supply - I CAN'T LET GO

Not all love story has a happy ending. It is not always like a fairy tale of Cinderella that we are wishing in our life. Love has a fate in every human being and we have different experiences and fairy tale of love that sometimes would hold us of what we believe because of the word LOVE. A feeling that bothered me most when I love someone that I can't own neither he can't own me.

My love life is very complicated, I need to sacrifice for the unavoidable event that arises in my life. The Man that I love most is the one who let me go but I CAN'T LET GO.

Yes, I CAN'T LET GO of AIR SUPPLY is the song that gave my love a life every time I listened and hear the song. A reason why I can't control the tears in my eyes. I CAN' T LET GO because behind everything I kept him in my heart and still wishing that there is still another chance to nourish the love that we've started but I am fated to be lost in love.

Beyond the time that we've shared and spent together, I CAN'T LET GO as I am locked by our love. I CAN'T LET GO, when he let me to discover that I am a woman. A woman who conquered the whole world with full of joy and happiness when he spent his little time with me. I CAN'T LET GO because the deepest and the memories he brings with me is the satisfaction and security of love. A love that I kept momentarily in my heart which bring me sometimes lonely is the night every time I long for him to stay beside me. I CAN'T LET GO, when I sleep and all become my sweet dreams that I though the love will last now and forever.

, shockwave-flash@" href="" id="">

This is how Air Supply hold-back my true love-story.

Thanks to Bariles of Gensan News Online Mag for giving us a chance to express and share our different love story on

This contest would not be successful without the help of our generous sponsors Dreamwork Ventures, the concert producer and Grab a Crab Restaurant.

Thank you to Concert Producer Michael Wee and his Dreamworks Ventures, Inc. for supporting this Blog Contest WHAT AIR SUPPLY SONG ARE YOU? Blog Contest.

The Air Supply Concert in Gensan will be held on October 2, 2009 at Lagao Gymnasium, Barangay Lagao, General Santos City, Philippines.

The Air Supply in GenSan Concert is a major production of Dreamwork Ventures Inc.’s Platinum Concert Series 2009, in cooperation with the City Government of GenSan, the GenSan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., ABS-CBN. Other partners are Grab A Crab Restaurant, MISO Hardware, San Miguel Corporation, Coca Cola Bottlers Inc., East Asia Royale Hotel, Coffee Dream, Giacominos, NY Fries and Dips, Giacominos, Gaisano Mall of GenSan and Gregoria Printing Press.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday's What it's all about #4/Salute to you Mama Vilma, You have a Golden Heart

This award made by windy is one of the most award that I love most. An award that has its hilarious story. I don't know how to start the Tale, but what I remember before I and Windy became friends because of a Joke. Lainy and Windy...THEY started a joke!!

When it started?

first scene

On May, 2009, I was surprised when I received a long-distance call from Malaysia:

Conversation was delivered like this:
Vilma: Hello, whose on the line please?
Windy: Hi Vilma, it's me JT.
(He have something to tell me, but I can't understand what he said, I decided to put off the call)

We haven't talked too long, since, my mobile phone has a very low volume and I don't understand what he was talking about.

I noticed this someone who called me has a different accent, and he called me directly in my name. If JT called me he will say, "MY DEAR HOW ARE YOU?"

I told Lainy about the call. I sent her a message like this:
"Leyn, JT called me and He wants me to go in Malaysia again to meet him, I am very excited Leyn."

She answered like this:
"Really Ate Vi? "

I didn't even think that Lainy knows this all about, she knows that Windy is the one who pretended as JT.

To make it short, when I chatted Windy four months ago, he revealed to me that he is the one who called me pretending as my special friend. He asked me what I felt when he called me pretending that he is my special friend, and said sorry for playing the joke. I answered Him:
It's ok, i haven't felt anything Windy, instead, I do thank you for your time chatting with me, for the call and for the advices.
2nd Scene:

Yesterday, my boss (Bottom Lines) told me to book him a flight slated on September 26-October 2, 2009 to Manila. Since, I can't find the directory book, I decided to asked Lainy by sending a message in her mobile phone:

Please click the entire conversation here:

Our Journey To Forever: All the World's A Stage, And We are Mere Players.

3rd Scene:

Last night, I received an SMS message from Lainy. - These are the forwarded messages of Windy to Lainy and forwarded to me.

1st message

"Lainy, how to say it? I am in trouble and ashamed too, Duh! I got a school girl pregnant. Haiyoooo! I wanna die. She wants to kill her elf and the baby. What am I to do?"
2nd message
"LAINYYYY! Why no answer from you? You hate me, is it? I thought you are a true real friend."
3rd message
"Lainy, do you think Vilma can help me, I am too shy to ask her. i don' know how it happened. I lost control. "

Ok...dear friends and readers, Please visit the whole hilarious story here:

Wednesday’s What it’s all about (you gotta know) #5 | A Tale of Two Sillies

Wednesday What It's All About (You Gotta Know) # 4

and tell me if I am deserving to receive the GOLDEN HEART AWARD.

Thank you for your time reading, A MAIDEN's TESTIMONY.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Money Matters No. 3 - Bamboo Coin Bank

Money is one of the essential substances of every individual. Money is the key of the whole thing we could do with, for foods, shelters, and basic needs, luxurious and lucrative resources.

Some exploit money in order to be powerful, the basis why some individual become greedy.

Some people striving hard for money just to satisfy their desires.

Some people asking alms, since, they believe this is the fastest and easiest way to have money.

Some people spending their money for nothing.

Some are keeping money for pleasure.

Some are making crime because of money.

Some people are fortunate to have bucks of money.

These are some example how money, matters most too individual daily lives.

For me, I need to keep money in any ways, the important is I and my family can survive and I have something to use for rainy days. Just like when my adopted son KENKEN got sick one month ago.

I'm still waiting my son to decide if he wants to break his Bamboo Coin Bank. He thinks it deeply.

He understand that I have no money to spend for his medication.

He was been affected by a bacterium, a cause why he got fever. And I need to bring my son to a doctor for check-up. Since, we have a delayed salary, I decided to open the coin bank (made of bamboo) of my adopted son. We are fond to kept our exist coins to a bamboo as a bank of my son. We raise Php900.00 more or less for one month. I did not intend to break his coin bank but I have no choice. I need something to spend for his medicine.

His bamboo coin bank is waiting.

Hmmm...even the bamboo coin bank helping my son to think.

At last, he decided to break it.

And now, he helps to arrange and count the coins.

Small amount but it helps too much in his medication.

Well, health is precious, what should be the value of money if we will not use. Anyhow, my sister buys a new coin bank for my adopted son. This time, we keep bills and coins in his new coin bank. I need to save money for his unexpected needs.

Hope you enjoy my Monday Matters all about, this is a Maiden's Testimony.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Saved-The Best for Last #12

Receiving small things from you're love one is worth keeping. Every occasion, either mother's day or birthday, my daughter lollii a.k.a Vyne, surprised and bought something special for me.

The most expensive and valuable that I received from my daughter that I kept in my heart and I treasured most, is the book that she bought from her allowance she kept. Lollii is my lovely and sweet daughter that I love most. She is a reason of my love, happiness, sacrifice, strength, hope and a reason why I become a responsible MOM (cheers!!).

Anyways, I would like to share one of my favorite inspirational words from the book she bought, entitled "Hugs and Thanks and Lots of Love... for You, MOM", written by different authors.
You are someone who has always been my inspiration.. a precious person I will always be so grateful for.. someone whose wise words have guided me through so much.

You are an angel who touches my heart more deeply than anyone else.. and an encouraging soul who lifts me up on the strenght of her belief in me and on the wings of what she sees in me.

You are a hand holder who always shows me the right way to go... a warm shoulder who has dried every tear and who chases so many fears away.. and the mirror in which I can see reflected all the good things about me.

You are a bridge builder who helps me rise above just about anything... and a teacher whose lessons are with me, in some meaningful way, every day.

You are a weaver of hopes and dreams who has connected my past with the present and who is so good at picking out the best colors for tomorrow's tapestry... a nurturing spirit who has helped me plant the seeds for a more abundant life.

You are my anchor and my rock, whom I revere and respect and admire enormously... and will forever be the world's sweetest and most special mother.

This is Who you Are to Me, Mom
--Douglas Pagels--

Hope that you inspired upon reading A Maiden's Testimony.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wednesdays-what-its-all-about #2 SAtellite Registration in Barangay Olympog

We started our schedule of Satellite Registration in 26 Barangay of General Santos City last 29th of June 2009. A reason why we have no rest days and we need to report every Saturdays and Holidays. I joined the Satellite Registration each Saturdays and Holidays only. And it is necessary for us to stay from 5:00 to 9:00 in the barangay for extension of service if the barangay official request for overtime services. This depends to the volume of registrant we served.

Anyways, the gesture offered by the Barangay Captain of Barangay Olympog unto us is highly appreciated, he welcomed us and given us a good accommodation by serving us a luscious food and great snacks for the whole day.

After the last day of our Barangay Registration, the Barangay Captain brought us in Sitio Balakayo to see the hidden scenery of their place. A place where you can see the beauty of General Santos City, this place still under construction. Maybe, five years from now, this place will attract foreigners as one of a great tourist pot of General Santos City and to witness and experience the heavenly gesture of this environment. This is the great experience that we can’t forget, all the weariness and drowsiness we haunted that time was lighten because of good scenery that we experience in Barangay Olympog.

Of course, the day is not complete without this pictures to share.

"Double peace"
"Peace to all"
Ate Pam
Me and Lainy

Another Peace from Lainy

Lainy and Mam Gehan with their sweet smile!!

Lainy and Ate Pam with their happy smile

From Left: Ate Pam, Sir Lautenco (owner), me and Karen

The sweet lover: Leah and Ruel

Ohhh... I don't know what they made them busy!
Give me a post!!

Another Peace on Earth!!

Another solo of mine...

Because they make me their photographer!!!

Thanks for the visit. This is a Maiden's testimony.

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