Friday, December 12, 2008

I have notice

When I accepted to manage the business offered to me by bev's father, I don't think that I can experienced a very hard time coping everything. All my time was occupied by this useless stuff, I never gain from the business because when I handled it, its already in the lost situation, beside, I noticed that I cant already save some of my money from the allowance that I received from my boss. Another thing is, I gained unhealthy body, lack of time for my daughter. So, I decided to give back the said business to bev's father, since, sometime we made a hard discussion about the business and a cause for us to fight through texting.

A reason maybe why he offered that business, because he wanted to escaped his obligation financially for bev, hence, he is suffering a financial support for bev because he has a lot of obligation to his 6 children in different woman and presently living to a widow woman with two children and now they have one year old daughter and the she is pregnant again.

Well, I discussed the annulment processed with him the last time we talked personally, but he was shock for the amount to pay when I told it, so he said, I will be the one to spend for this annulment, one of his reason why he is not interested to spend some amount for this stuff, because he said he is free to act and do what he wants.

In my situation, it is hard for me to do what I want, I am living in a Christian ways, I am not perfect but, I need to do something that God will be pleased in handling my life. I need to be ready for what life that brings unto me, a life that someday I am free to love someone, someone that God prepared for me.

sweet temptation

Friday, December 5, 2008

What a Joke!!

I started my work as busy as like a hungry dog. I do all things to finish, as I need to remind again my boss about the renewal of his Notarial Petition. He was busy preparing the documents and he was in hurry to complete all requirements of its Annexes for his petition . I also need to finish the notarial books to submit in the Office of Clerk of Court. The same, busy typing some documents and helping my co-workers to segregate the Voter's Registration Forms filed by the voter's registrants, and sometimes I help my co-workers to encode data for biometrics.

Well, my boss asking for a glue to paste his picture in a long bond paper. I told him to wait since, I need to look the drawer if there still some glue left, but I cant no longer find any bottle of it. My boss ask some of my co-workers outside, but, Madam Jehan advice him to used some cook rice to paste in his pictures. I heard it, but I though it's only a joke, so, I tried to stand up again from my chair and check again some drawers, at the same time, I entertained our clients, until I forgot about the glue.

When I come back in his table, he keeps murmuring, and said, “See…..I need to use the cook rice to paste my picture, it’s too dirty, look!!...” I tried to hide my smile and control my laugh, so, I seriously face and talk my boss to wait for me a little bit, I choose to go outside and find some glue to other office, but all offices already closed. When I come back, hehehehe..... I keep smiling when I saw him, pasted his pictures in the clear bond paper, and what I did is, I extend my hand to help him, and sometimes, I do smiling from his back….good he didn't seen my reaction, or else…he will keep me out..hehehehe….until now every time that I remember it, I keep smiling and imagining his faced when he talks to me about the cook rice.

sweet temptation

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Do you know the power of SMILE??
Have you tried to SMILE to your enemy?
Is the SMILE makes you famous?

Yes, SMILE is the friendliest way of greetings to everyone you know and you don't know. SMILE will create a new friendship and can make your day bright.

If you want to have a bright day, you must awake with smile in your lips, smile while praying, and then smile to everyone at home. This is one secret that I usually do, I don’t want to get old that’s why I do SMILE always. SMILE helps me to become famous to those who don’t know me, why? Because every time I have papers to follow-up outside the office, I went to every department and give my sweet smile, in response, they smile at me too, till they ask my name and every time I met them in the aisle they smile and say hello. Some strangers asked my name because of my SMILE, some wants to be my friend since my smile attracted them.

Hmmm…beside my man was capture by my sweet smile in my picture as he commented that there’s something very especial in my Smile.

And for those who really hate me, I can still offer my SMILE with them…because I know they HATE it…hehehehhe….well, if my boss got angry, I just only give my SMILE.

The power of SMILE will makes us famous. You sometimes create a good relationship to your co-workers and to those who don’t like you. You can’t count your friends everyday because of your SMILE. And if you’re worried about your age, SMILE will help you to become young, SMILE is a powerful to become somebody.

sweet temptation

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

International TV

Hello World!!!

Yes, one of my friend introduced to me the International TV which sometimes I got some problem by loading if I used the Mozilla Firefox.

My daughter is the one who adviced me to used the Internet Explorer, the easiest way for opening and buffering of any shows you desire.

Almost months before I did successfully opened and watched the live TV shared by my friend. And now, I have a new stuff, if I do open my pc...I directly open this link LIVE TV and It is not hard for me to open it by using the Internet Explorer.

This is a new stuff, maybe I can watch the Live Fight of Pacquio vs. Dela Hoya in Las Vegas. If you want to know just Click this link.

sweet temptation

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Day of Registration.

December 2, 2008 is the first day of voter's registration. The whole staffs of the Comelec, General Santos City are busy for different task assigned. We have one (1) week preparation for the said registration at the same time; we were waiting for the new system to be used on the said registration.

Every Filipino under eighteen (18) years old above are able to register in any office of the Commission on Elections with the following instructions, to wit:

What to do?

1. First you need to comply the requirements duly imposed by the office:

For the New Registrants:


    • Photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth (NSO copy)
    • Photocopy of any valid ID (SSS ID, Postal ID, Philhealth ID, Company ID, Student ID)
    • Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
    • Photocopy of Passport


    • Photocopy of Marriage Contract (NSO copy)
    • any valid ID (SSS ID, Postal ID, Philhealth ID, Company ID, Student ID)

For Transferee's: within the city/ from any municipality

    • surrender the COMELEC ID
    • Present the Voter’s Certification duly issued by the office of the COMELEC (origin of place)
    • Valid ID

Absentee Voting (OFW’s)

    • Present the Comelec ID from where he/she country registered.
    • Present any Valid ID
    • Passport

Note: If you meet the above mention requirement , submit the above document for QUERY, just to check if you have already registered before or not to avoid double registration. After Query the documents returned to you attached the said Application Form for fill-up.

  1. Proceed to INTERVIEWER, to check the contents written by the applicants if all details are correct.
  2. Next, one staff will write the Form Registration Number bearing the Province and Municipality Code (eg. 63030000 001) and the Precinct Number depends what Barangay you belong.
  3. Finally, you are advice to go for Data Capturing Machine (DCM).
Be informed that using the Capturing Machine is one of the fastest ways to encode the data of our registrants, the same, to restore the complete information to our new system provided by the Information Technology Department, Comelec, Manila.

Please be guided:

Step 1 – Give the Application Form to the ENCODER, and after the encoder write the details.

Step 2 – The ENCODER will advice you to gaze in the CAMERA for capturing.

Step 3 – The same advice you to sign and finger scan : first the left Index finger - right index finger-Right Thumb finger-Right Thumb Mark, twice; then if all entries are correct the ENCODER check for final entries and he/she will give the 1/8 paper for the applicant copy.

sweet temptation