Saturday, November 15, 2008

Work or Business?

Choosing two things get me hard to handle weeks ago. But before I say yes I need to think the consequences of the decision that i make if i choose one.


I worked for almost four years as a secretary in the office of the City Election Officer in this city. I do love my work since my boss trusted me in all aspects of my task, although sometimes i made a counted "palpak" in my job.

My salary and allowances is worth for our daily needs, we survive from the compensation that I received every 15th and 30th days of the month and an everyday allowance from my "dakilang" boss. I described my boss, as "good person, considerate, kind, respectful and down to earth person. He is a kind of person that you can treasure. Around my work mates, they are also good to me, although sometimes theres a misunderstanding between them but its too normal for this kind of places, this is part of our life.


It seems that my ex-hubby offered me the business after the tremendous experienced he suffered this year, he send me a message to manage the business, as he already leave the house and he asked somebody to took charge the two (2) internet cafe to other persons. He gave the keys of the closed business establishment and instructed those who took care the house that he already waive the house to me and to our daughter. Well, I sent him back a message that how we can survive if I start to manage the business without electricity, no computer and other units in that closed establishment..until he decided to let me manage first the internet cafe located in the market of Barangay Fatima. And promised me to offer all our needs to start our own business at the same time he will give the internet cafe business to vyne if she is already studying in College.

Wow, its a great opportunity for us, yet I still need to think about it, I need to do things that someday, my decision would not create a future problem between me and my ex-hubby. I still have a doubt, i will not give my full trust.

Before, I decided to accept this offers, I asked some opinion from my friends and they gave me a positive and negative comments which helps me a lot to decide. So what I did, instead to resign from my work, i only asked permission to my boss and let him know about it. All of them, gave their emotional support and encourage me more to do all this things for the great success that I need to obtain in the future.

In other hand, I never forget to pray to our great Father above, I know He has a reason why this opportunities for me and for my daughter offered to us, because He knows best for us..God blessings is in our hands always, He never leave us whatever happens, me and my daughter live in God's will. Thank you Lord, for being here in our heart reminding us always who we are in your life.

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