Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Bonding

Saturday, I woke up early though i am suffering a little headache. I have no choice as well, as I need to start to wash our clothes, clean the home while my daughter still in her deep asleep.

After I finished the household chores, I started to drop in my daughter's entrecard, as I am worrying that she has no time for dropping because of her hectic schedule and pre-occupied the same in her studies and some school activities. I wasn’t finish dropping because of electricity black out.

Well, my daughter convince me to watch a movie entitled Twilight. Actually, I did not answered here, because I have no plan to go out., I am lazy tired and I want to sleep...but when I look her heart felt like I get myself ready and advice her to go hurray till my mind will not change.

Indeed, I appreciate the movie (TWILIGHT) a love story of a human and a vampire...well, nice love story. So go on, if you want to spend time with your love one as one of a bonding process ...watching movie is one ideal for both of you.

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