Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Post-Election Evaluation and Strategic Planning Seminar/Workhop Preparation

Before the Post Election Evaluation and Strategic Planning Seminar initiate, I and Ellaine assist to facilitate the said affair. Likewise, we’ve been occupied for the entire day in checking the important stuff. We coordinated in the different agencies and follow-up the budget intended for the said seminar and workshop. My co-worker Ellaine suggested to postponed the date from November 13-14, 2008 to November 26-27, 2008 due to lack of time, as we need to send a letter of invitation to different agencies, groups and institutions. We have only one (1) week preparation as we need to wait for the EO to sign the invitations.

Three days before the seminar, I received call from the participants for the confirmation of their presence. I though all are previously organized but when my Boss remind me if I send an invitation for the religious groups, ohhhhhh…I’m sorry … I forgot to write the invitation intended for them, so I tried to contact the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage's telephone to inform them that they are one of the participants in the said seminar, but no one answered. I need to find ways to contact even one religious groups, and I send a message from my friend who is active in the religious activities to help me to communicate to any representative of this group..thanks to my friend, he helps me so much and make me calm, he advice me to deliver the said letter tomorrow early in the morning.

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