Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lessons from our mistakes.

After the Barangay and SK registration hold last August of 2007, our office became more busy and all staffs of the said office were truly tired. We entertained applicants from 7:00am till midnight for 26 Barangays with 100 to 300 persons, more or less, a reason why our office asked some support for our foods were one of the trusted person of our head of office contacted the CMO department for our food to support us. But before she called the catering service, I already called and reminded the catering to stopped the service for the reason that the remaining budget intended for the food we consumed was enough for payment.

So, after contacting the catering for another extension of food service, she didn't remind me how much the budget offered of the said department. I was surprised when I heard that only fifty thousand pesos allocated for that foods, of which the total amount of the food we consumed was One Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Pesos Philippine currency (P194,000.00). I tried my best to finished all the papers needed for that transactions, but it get me harder when the budget office returned the PR I prepared due to lack of budget allocated in that transactions. I asked some advice from different department but its too late to run the papers.

Year 2008, my co-worker Ellaine instructed by the EO to handle the budget 2008 with my assistance, we are the one facilitated the needs and transactions made by our office.

Before, the SB-1 hold, we submitted the Agency's SB for the unpaid transactions, and it was too late for us to know that we got a wrong entry about this transactions. As one department advice us to request for current budget instead of Unpaid for the previous years transactions. Me and Ellaine expected that the budget we requested was disapproved but it was far from our idea, all unpaid was approved, yet, we were happy to know the fact that we can already start to process documents to pay the foods caterer. Again, we talked and asked some advice from the head of office in different concerned departments. But, it was ended for nothing.

We are tired to facilitate this problem, but since, I am the one responsible about this matter as I'm the one assigned in this kind of tasks, it was my duty to respect every rules and regulations given by any concern departments. Before, the Elections hold, they advice me what to do in every transactions. But because someone did this kind of action, which I am not aware, and it was too late for me to take an action, now, I need to face the consequences. Well, its too late for me to go back from yesterday to change the situations. It was a lesson for me, because I was not aware the outcome of this kind of transactions. Although it was done by another person, the responsibility still in my hand.

Well, 2008 will end now, but this problem still remained, now, I got my lessons from this kind of mistakes.

Anyway, I'm still hoping that there still way to resolve this kind of problem. I just want to say my thanks to my co-worker Ellaine for being there as she helping me in her all ways, she is my angel and my helping hands, God will bless you because of your kind heart.

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