Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Day of my Business.

Yes, I decided to start to handle the business this 15th day of November 2008, its a hard thing for me because now, my daily routine was affected.

I used my weekends for household chores, do clothes washing, entrecard dropping for my daughter vyne , chatting with my man, and napping for three or four hours in the bed.

Early in the morning, my first hour of my waking-up time, I do follow all things to finish and I add my nuga best for 45 minutes in my routine, before I travel in Barangay Fatima.

Well, I talked to rowel, the one who took charge the business, and asked him some information about the business. I also asked to guide me how to operate the system controlling the customer's consume time. As far as I know, all income is recorded in that system. Then, I asked about the electricity bill and internet bill. I still not open about his commissions because i forgot to take it down in my note how many percent for him.

The internet cafe, contained 18 units of computer, 4 are not serviceable, 13 units are serviceable, 1 unit used as a server. Some costumers entering for games and some are for internet, but at about 11:00 in the morning, I observed that the internet connection was time out, this service offered by DC'Technology of Globe. I got the mobile phone of the technical officer of this office, and the 2 landline telephone, I sent them a message and called them but theres no answers from them. I asked rowel if the connection offered by the DC Technology is always inconsistent, or its only happened only this day, I observed that a lot of customers entering here inside for internet use, and its our lost every single of time because we cant offer them a good service since our internet connection was lost. We got a zero customers from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in the afternoon, the connection back at 3:00pm, and then, the customers followed to enter, as all pc was occupied.

For my first day, I observed around, the customers, the expenses made this whole day, and the income as well, of course, I also observed the one who took charge the business. This is my first day observation about the business. And hoping that soon, I can handle my time in a right manner that could not create trouble to my health, and time for my daughter my baby boy and my work.

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