Thursday, October 23, 2008

TrUe FriEndS..

True friends is someone very especial that we treasured, they were part in our life. One who help us to mold our personality as individual.

A true friends is someone especial created by God to help us through physical and emotional healing. If we suffered from problems, we run to our trusted friends, we shared our emptiness and frustrations with them. If we have secrets, our true friends is the one who kept it.

In my early teens, I shared a lot of happy moments with my friends, when i felt down, they offered their hands to help me, when I felt sad, they made me laughed, when I need their time, they are free for me. Through my friends, I learn how to value the relationship being a true family in a circle of friendship.

Many years pass by, my friends never forget to sent messages, sometimes, they called me through my mobile phone. And it seems that they are far away from me, I would like to say thank you to my following friends:

Lydia Paloma (Balot) - I appreciate you because you never forget me until now, despite of your good life in Malaysia with your family, you still have a good heart. Every time you visited your home town, you won't forget to say hello and I appreciated you everytime you called me without any cost. The only thing that change to you is the status of your life and that life is worthy,because that's the value of your struggle in other country and your still a good and kind person.

Lilia Paloma (Yad) - Thank you my friend, we shared a lot of happiness and loneliness before, although we have already our own family, we still shared a good hands and we both listen to each other. Your the one I treasured, a friend that I wont forget. You never change, your still the same person that I know before. Thank you so much because you let me, to be your friend.

Janet Catral - hmmmmmm....our hardheaded friend, cute and pretty...we have the same dillema in life, especially in man...yet, we both fighting to recover the pains and sorrows we experienced. My friend don't worry we can still find a right man for us...Noooo... I mean we are a good woman and let those man find us...ok...

Yes, they are my true friends that I treasured. A friends that I never forget whenever I am, I do remember them and reminiscing the days we shared. They are my especial friends to be treasured, I cannot longer meet friends like them.

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