Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pipe Dream...Lollii's Piece

A crowd of famous people cheering, proud and a happy family, sweet and cuddly siblings and a peaceful life of luxury and freedom. A pipe dream of my unprogresable life, a goal that cannot be attained by just a simple individual like me, a bubble which vanished every second, a life that have never was.

I was a prisoner of my own mistakes, suffering from the circumstances life had given to me; I'm craving for love, dignity and freedom, i wanted to be free... free from the shackles surrounding my dirty shaking hands. I once dreamed of a life of pure peace, a life far from the claws of imprisonment, far from the eyes of watchful humans trying to tear up my veins...

A life that can satisfy my hungry wretched soul. For some time, I felt comfort...comfort from teh dark ghostly room of the tower. Then I went back to my dream.. my pipe dream my parents.

I remembered having several kids and I the oldest and the matured one was there taking care of them, while giving my family honor. It calmed my soul.... It calmed my whole body down. I had all the riches on earth even the happiest life a man can ever possess...but that was just a time, once-upon a life story.

I was the opposite of that life, of that person... I have parents whom despised having me as their child, siblings whom tear my weak heart to pieces until it drowned itself in pure blood, a dumb brain and a low ethic individual who even brought neither honor nor happiness to the family. I was an outcast...until now in the time of my death.

I was scared when I heard the creaking of the rusty door, the light that entered hit my eye, two cape man went in and took my weak body out of the cold room. I opened my eyes and saw a bunch of people gatehred around the place. I saw them.. I saw my parents .. I saw my family...

They were crying.. i know they're crying for me... I though I'm the loneliest one in here but I'm not.. I'm not...

As one of the cape man covered my face with a cloth and as he placed the rope on my nape. I came to realize they love me despite of being too juvenile still they cared for me. As the guy swing his a silver on my neck, I lost my life. I felt my soul floating in the breezy air, I glanced at my lifeless body and grinned, a smile of dream satisfaction and wasn't a wasn't a pipe dream at less body..l need to mingle with death.

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