Friday, October 3, 2008

Self-awareness (Part II)

The importance of Self-awareness. Self concept is called our image, we can attained positive self image by accepting yourself, recognized your strength/weaknesses, overcome fear, accept compliments, give compliments, precise yourself, engage in positive self-talk and maintain physical health. Accepting the way your self-concept increases your self-awareness. The more you understand why you view yourself as you do, the better you will understand who you are.

There are four (4) selves that represent each human person:

Known to others

- Open Selfrepresents all the information, behaviors, attitudes, feelings, desires, motivations, ideas and so on, that you know about yourself and others also know about you.

- Blind Self- represents information’s about yourself that others know but you do not.

Not known to others

- Hidden Self contains all that you know of yourself but keep hidden from others.

- Unknown selfrepresents those parts of yourself about which neither you nor others know.

Those four selves would be a way for each human person to aware of what kind of living they have, how they become aware oneself in order to achieve the dreams that they want and how to help them to motivate the desires of their heart in order to satisfy in a nice manner.

In realistic view about self-awareness, do not think of yourself more highly than you should. In other words, no superiority attitude. rather have a sober view of your strengths. On the other hand, do not exaggerate your weaknesses and look down yourself. Also, do not excuse or rationalize your weaknesses. We need a realistic view of both our strengths and weaknesses if we are to know our true selves. How we see ourselves may be clouded by the feedback messages we received about ourselves from others...But how could anyone known more about you than you? Do not feel emotions or think your thoughts; they do not face the issues that you wrestled with. No one could know you better than you! Therefore do not let others look down on you.

Some people may not be prepared to face the truth about themselves. This maybe true. Therefore, everyone must be prepared to listen to others, especially significant others. Allow them re-examine your own perceived self-image. There are no perfect people and there are not perfect parents. Nevertheless, from a practical viewpoint, our parents who gave birth to us have the opportunity to observe us at close quarters over many years, would have a clearer insight or our character than anybody else. Yo don't have to acept their views but at least listen to them.

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