Sunday, October 12, 2008

After SiX yEars.

Back in the year 2002, year of anxiety and difficulty, pain and sorrow. Suffering from unexpected event of my life, is one of the struggle drama of the same. It’s too hard to accept that you failed the dream that you want to achieve. It’s too hard to decide whether you leave your family, because of unexpected reasons. It’s too hard to fight if you don’t know how to defend yourself. And the worst thing is, it’s too hard to tell the truth if they don’t believe.

Who helped me?

God is the one who protected me from my troubles; He answered all my prayers and helped me to decide for my life. Leaving my family especially my daughter is a very hard decision that I carried. I left without bringing anything, the house, business and my beloved daughter. I left for reasons. I went to my uncle's place and there I took some rest, to recover and decide, I prayed everyday, read the bible and participate in church activities. After eight months of recovering, I brought all the answers and there I understand that God has something very special for me.

What happened when I came back?

My hubby was surprised when I back home, and I am not amazed when I saw his woman carrying their new baby, I gave them a good smile. I told them not to fret, because I will not make any action towards them; instead I talked them in a nice way, and give my friendly hands wishing them to have a happy family. The important thing for me is to get my eight year-old daughter with his permission, and I successfully took my daughter without any hesitation. We started to live at my mom’s small house. Good thing because I was hired and employed in the office of the Election Officer as a secretary though I am undergraduate.

It's took time to adjust ourselves to a new life, but me and my daughter started to accept and enjoy the life that were facing. We already appreciate the things around us; We become more close to each other, share some dreams and we talked regularly as one of our way to appreciate the new path of our living. Peace, Love and Happiness is what we gained, our life today teach us to be more spiritual strong.

The present..

Counting the years, life became more valuable, I have a lot of accomplishment of which my present life helps me to become mature and learn new things around my new world. I met different kind of personality, a way to understand the value of every aspect of life. I am a dumb before, comparing today; I’ve been more vigorous in my work, more receptive to my daughter; closer to the Highest above though I am not participate the activities in the church. I am the woman that full of struggles in life, became more aware in my surroundings and sensitive about the goals that I’ve started.

So far, I can look back from where I am before, and I noticed that in the middle of the bridge of where I am now, is the things that I never think to regret. Whatever harmful things that I encountered, I considered it a spices of life, without this, I cannot see myself. I now understand that all different aspect of life molds you to become a real person. A real person that could help the human being to persist through the goal of life that he/she wants and make him/her satisfied to the objectives of their life.

This is how I become responsive of my surroundings, became more flexible, effective and efficient in my work, a loving and caring, sweet and honest to my love one, a helper to the needy, more patient to the hardheaded, and a nature lover. I am not a religious woman, but I believe God, the father and Jesus Christ the savior. Indeed, without God in my heart, I cannot appreciate the love He offered, I cannot experience the happiness He give, I cannot feel the contentment of life that I have. God is my life, my daughter is my happiness, my work is my achievement, my friends is the color of my day, my enemies tease my patience, my family complete my whole being and my dear man is my struggle….huhuhu….

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